BIRDS OF TOKYO reveal new EP Anchor Sunday, 26 April 2015 21:45 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - Anchor

Brilliant Australian alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo have just released a brand new 4-track EP titled Anchor.

The band presented the mini-album with these words: "We hope you enjoy this little experiment. There's going to be some unrecognisable Birds of Tokyo sounds on here. We spent a lot of time looking outwards trying to challenge what inspired us. There's some hip hop elements that we've never explored before. There's some vocal effects that made Kenny sound like he's from another galaxy. But it's all in the name of art and exploration. There's always a purpose to it. Anchor is our first single, but given the experimental nature of this EP, it's not an indicator of material at all. Each song lives on a different world to the other. That's what makes it interesting. We encourage you try to visualise these worlds when you listen. If you were hoping for more than just an EP don't despair, there's more coming. This is just the beginning."

Stream the Anchor EP on Spotify now clicking on the image above.