An Anti-Social Butterfly for BLUE HELIX's new EP lunedì, 27 novembre 2017 20:55 by madseason
Blue Helix - Anti-Social Butterfly

Blue Helix is an independent rock band from Washington State and Sao Paulo, Brazil, formed in 2008. Following the hallowed footsteps of the 90's movement, their music is a perfect blend of melodic rock and powerful heavy grunge, on the cutting edge of modern rock. They are the winners of the 2015 Puget Sound Battle of the bands as well as recipients of multiple music video awards for their 2016 release of their song Aliens: the music video won a Brazilian National competition in July of 2017, helping catapult the band in their second home country.

Anti-Social Butterfly is the title of the band's new 6-track EP; it was released last October 27 and showcases a band progressing both in songwriting and execution: stream it now on Spotify.

Blue Helix will be on Tour in Brasil in early 2018, setting course to Europe in the summer of 2018, so stay tuned for further news on this really interesting band.