All the love of GENTLEMEN HALL domenica, 5 febbraio 2012 19:15 by madseason
gentlemen hall

Gentlemen Hall is an American synthpop/electropop band from Boston, MA. Considered one of the best bands of the Boston area, GH debuted with the self-titled EP in 2009, followed by the first full-length album "Give Us Roots, Give Us Wings" in 2010.

Gentlemen Hall became widely popular a couple of weeks ago, when they launched an online campaign with Microsoft to promote the new Windows Phone. The clever, three minute "demisode" video features the band on set making a music clip for "Gravity Will Break Our Bones", a song off their second album, "When We All Disappear", released last September.

Clicking on the image above, you can watch the official video for "All Our Love" directed by Rodigo J Lopez and Vassili Shields. This single was featured in January 17th's episode of the CW hit series, 90210.