All I Have: new single for BETA STATE sabato, 10 febbraio 2018 19:20 by madseason
Beta State - All I Have

San Francisco alternative pop rockers Beta State have recently released a new single: titled All I Have, is a song that's working well both on alt-pop and EDM media.

Here what the band said about All I Have: "Usually when we write songs together there is tons of back and forth, changing of parts, etc... this song was special in that most of the parts ended up staying true to the original demos. Justin was making beats one day and ended up crafting an amazing instrumental. It was a rare occasion where Matt and I didn't feel the need to change too much of it but rather just enhance what was already there. On a road trip between Los Angeles and San Jose I started singing what would end up becoming the hook, then Matt expanded on the new direction and crafted a deeper meaning to the lyrics, fleshing out the rest of the song. In the end we all gave a few general comments to each other on how to make it better and then signed off for mixing. Unlike the last song we released which had like 30 different versions, this one was true to the original vibe of the earlier demos."

Stream All I Have clicking on the image.