A number 1 for LIO NICOL Wednesday, 1 February 2017 22:08 by madseason
Lio Nicol - 1

Some weeks ago I introduced to my reader Lio Nicol, an awesome indie-pop songwriter and performer from Missoula, Montana, inspired by the legendary Diane Warren.

At that time, Lio had just released her first single Blame, a moving pop anthem, deep and catchy at the same time. Blame is the first single off Lio's debut EP 1, independently released last Friday, January 27.

1 was produced by Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios and features 4 tracks: all of them are really worth your attention. The album opener They Sent You Back Down is an upbeat, captivating anthem; the second track, Day Job, is a soulful indie-pop number; after Blame, the mini-album closes with Take Me Away, a special track for the talented pianist and songwriter, as it was the first song she wrote on piano entirely alone.

Stream 1 on Spotify or on SoundCloud and keep on supporting great independent artists.