The Legacy of the THE PROTEST sabato, 16 giugno 2018 19:35 by madseason
The Protest - What Else You Got

Even though they hail from rural Indiana, known more for cornfields than as a "Hot Bed" for Hard Rock and Metal music - the members of The Protest have embraced that American heartland work ethic and used their talent, drive and determination to bring the band's music to a global audience.

Positive energy is abundant in their live shows and is showcased in the new album Legacy, due out July 13th on Rockfest Records/Sony.

Their new single What Else You Got is a fist pumping anthem about never backing down and fighting on despite adversity. Check the video now clicking on the image.

FEFE DOBSON is now In Better Hands lunedì, 24 marzo 2014 23:52 by madseason
Fefe Dobson - In Better Hands

You know I have a soft spot for Canadian singer/songwriter Fefe Dobson. I don't know if it's for her attitude, or for the catchiness of the songs... maybe both. Well, Fefe will release her new album "Firebird" later in the year via 21 Music - Universal Music Canada.

The new record will include the leading single "In Better Hands": the official music video debuted today. Watch it now clicking on the frame on the left.