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Falling Through April - Zodiac

My first post about Charlotte, NC based Alt Rockers Falling Through April was in October, at the time of the release of their single Desperate Measures.

Now I'm back on them, because FTA released their new full-length album Zodiac on January 19th, 2018 through Page 2 Music.

Zodiac was produced by Jon King (Augustana, Darling Parade) and is a powerful, melodic alt-rock collection that melds influences ranging from Incubus to Halsey.

Stream the full album on Spotify and stay tuned for news about the upcoming second single/video.

Falling Through April - Desperate Measures

Charlotte, NC, alt-rockers Falling Through April have a new video out for their new single Desperate Measures.

Desperate Measures is the newest material from Falling Through April, following their independent releases Take Flight (2012) and Risk And Reward EP (2015). In the last two years, they have toured with bands such as the Pretty Reckless and Flyleaf, and have performed at festivals, including Warped Tour and SXSW. 

"Desperate Measures is a song about not letting someone else bring you down or control you," says lead singer Mikaela Salazar, "that real 'charmer' that sneaks their way in and then you can’t get them out. It is an anthem for empowerment and just leaving those that try to drag you down behind."

Desperate Measures is a powerful, melodic, alt-rock track that will be included in the band's new album Zodiac, which will be released in January 2018. Check the video clicking on the image.