A revolution song for THE HOWLIN' SOULS venerdì, 13 ottobre 2017 21:27 by madseason
The Howlin' Souls - Viva La Revolucion (Again)

NYC based rockers The Howlin' Souls are releasing their brand new single, Viva La Revolucion (Again), today, October 13.
Viva La Revolucion (Again) is extremely relevant in the current political climate and urges people to pay attention to the world around them. With cries of protest, The Howlin' Souls make a firm point that they will not be silenced nor will they back down anytime soon. "The song touches on a few subjects that are relevant in America and beyond, including corrupt politicians, corporations influencing policy, people rising up in protest and police brutality. It is happening all over the world" said Smith.

Produced by Fritz Lang (long-time engineer at CBGB's, The Record Plant NYC, Sigma NYC), Viva La Revolucion (Again) features strong guitar riffs and a pounding bassline that will make you want to get up and make a change.

Stream and download the song clicking on the image.