VIKINGO!: Set It On Fire with RnR Wednesday, 5 September 2018 21:09 by madseason
VIKINGO! - Set It On Fire

Good old fashioned rock n' roll finds its new home with a modern twist in the LA rockers VIKINGO!'s debut EP Set It On Fire.

Two Colombians, a Norwegian, and an American band together to package their collective annoyance of issues like environmental policies, immigration, equality and more in their new hard-hitting EP. Referencing personal struggles and past experiences, Set It On Fire aims to incite rebellion against the shallow and ludicrous.

"The Set It On Fire EP means a lot to us because it's our friendship in rock n' roll form," said VIKINGO!. "We've all been in the music business for a while and rock n' roll has always been the link that's connected us. We produced, recorded and mixed it ourselves with the intention of making something that would be truly rock n' roll. That is, we wanted to make something truly rebellious and not canned."  

Set It On Fire was recorded at the famed 4th Street Recording (Muse, The Beach Boys, Bad Suns) and was mastered by Dale Becker (Macklemore, Neil Diamond). Jeff Henderson, accomplished storyboard artist with credits such as Inception and After Earth, designed the notable Set It On Fire cover art.

Set It On Fire was released last August 17. Stream/download it clicking on the cover image.

VIKINGO! living in a one-man-town Tuesday, 5 June 2018 21:39 by madseason
VIKINGO! - One Man Town

VIKINGO! is a LA based rock band formed last year by two Colombians, a Norwegian and an American. The four released their debut single, One Man Town, last Friday, June 1.

One Man Town was recorded at the famed 4th Street Recording (Muse, The Beach Boys, Bad Suns) and was mastered by Dale Becker (Macklemore, Neil Diamond). The members of VIKINGO! are all producers, so it was fitting that they produced this single themselves.
"This is a song about being stubborn. It's about proudly sticking to your guns and shooting down anyone who gets in your way" said singer/guitarist Daniel Jimenez Afanador about the single, adding "It's about that moment you realize you've burned all your bridges and you end up carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You end up living in a one-man-town."

One Man Town is a rocker that fuses the riff-oriented, heavy sound of Queens Of The Stone Age, the punk aesthetic of The Clash and the raw, indie sense of melodies of The Raconteurs.

Stream/download One Man Town clicking on the image and stay tuned for further news about VIKINGO!'s debut EP, to be released later this year.