Trouble In Paradise: new ep for EMERALD PORTAL mercoledì, 28 giugno 2017 23:31 by madseason
Emerald Portal - Trouble In Paradise

A few weeks ago I posted about Los Angeles, indie post-rock duo, Emerald Portal's latest single OneHundredTwenty. I'm happy to report that Trouble In Paradise, the EP featuring OHT, was released last Friday, June 23.

Self produced by the duo, Trouble In Paradise is a stimulating collection of synthesized songs.

Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, masterminds behind Emerald Portal, created a compilation of sonic tracks that surpass traditional music structure. Their technique of bridging the worlds of cinema and music to create an immersive experience is evident in this EP. "The general theme of the album is the dichotomy between city life and the calmness and beauty of nature and contemplating the resulting feelings of the confinements of social norms created from being mice in a cage" explains Ouziel. The eight-track EP transports listeners to another dimension by creating a sense of nature and serenity.

You can download or stream Trouble In Paradise on all digital music platforms worldwide.

Experience the hottest new band from Detroit: KALEIDO mercoledì, 14 giugno 2017 21:15 by madseason
Kaleido - Die Tryin'

If you like female-fronted bands, then you better check out Kaleido, a five-piece act from Detroit, with a huge rock sound that embeds elements of pop, funk, country, r&b and more.

As aptly written in the press release, Kaleido is reminiscent of the piss-and-vinegar, stadium rock of a young Guns N' Roses crossed and fused with the lovable, fun and energetic sensibilities of an early No Doubt.

Named Best Band in Detroit by Real Detroit Weekly in both 2013 & 2014, plus having won two Detroit Music Awards in 2015 for "Outstanding Rock/Pop Group" and "Outstanding Rock Recording" for their second independent EP Unbreakable, Kaleido have since taken their show on the road, lighting up stages on the Van's Warped Tour, Rockstar Uproar Festival, Summerfest & CMJ Music Marathon and opened for Aerosmith, Slash, Kid Rock, The Offspring, Sammy Hagar, Evanescence, Halestorm, Twenty One Pilots, Living Colour and many others.

Kaleido's debut full-length album Experience was released last May 19 on Luxor Records and features the leading single Love And War: co-written by and featuring Dryden Mitchell of Alien Ant Farm, this song won an unprecedented 27 nights on 89x The New Rock Alternative People's Choice, and was consequently retired as the most winning song of all time on the station.

Also included in Experience are the two following single from the band: the melodic rocker with a reggae bassline Trouble In Paradise and the 80's oriented hard rocker Die Tryin (click on the image to watch the video).

Stream Experience on Spotify and discover a band on its way to stardom.

OneHundredTwenty: new single for EMERALD PORTAL venerdì, 26 maggio 2017 21:24 by madseason
Emerald Portal - OneHundredTwenty

Los Angeles based duo Emerald Portal is releasing their brand new single OneHundredTwenty today, May 26.

OneHundredTwenty is an electronic-led track with a dreamy atmosphere and indie rock influences. Stream it on SoundCloud clicking on the image and buy it now on iTunes.

Emerald Portal is the brainchild of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade; with much influence from their cinematic backgrounds (a sound designer and writer, respectively), their music delves into worlds of visual and auditory exploration.
OneHundredTwenty and the previous single All The Running will be included in their new EP, Trouble In Paradise, set for release later this year.

Emerald Portal - All The Running

Emerald Portal is the brainchild of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, two musicians, who at a young age immersed themselves into all aspects of art. As a sound designer and screenwriter, respectively, their music is heavily influenced by their cinematic backgrounds. Emerald Portal seeks to make engaging music that not only tells stories, but transports listeners.

Born in Europe, Thomas from Paris, France and Brad from Crete, Greece, both grew up learning how to play piano and guitar. They each spent years playing music before entering the film industry. Upon meeting on the set of a music video in Los Angeles, where the duo currently live, they found they had a mutual interest in creating music and began working on a number of songs. After a period of creative activity they had written enough material for their album, Beyond The Edge Of Reason, independently released in 2015.

Their new EP, Trouble In Paradise, is set for release later this year. The first single from the EP is out now and it's called All The Running. It's an awesome melancholic, cinematic track that wouldn't have been out of space on the 2002 Feeder's album Comfort In Sound.

Watch the video for All The Running clicking on the image and stay tuned for further news about Emerald Portal.