SHALLOW SIDE: You're The Reason Saturday, 15 April 2023 15:30 by madseason
Shallow Side - You're The Reason

Hailing from Cullman, AL, Shallow Side, comprised of Eric Boatright, Heath Fields, Sam Bower & Codey Red, are pleased to announce the release of their new single You're The Reason through Thermal Entertainment. 

"The saying goes 'it be your own people'. Self progress should only ever be measured by the previous steps it took to achieve reality. During the writing process of this song I discovered a lot of my self worth was placed in the improper hands, which sold all my previous hard earned steps down the river. I never thought I could stop believing and they were the reason for it the whole time." - Eric Boatright of Shallow Side

You're The Reason is a piece that showcases Shallow Side's darker tones as a band, with as much melody as possible. The song contrasts rhythmically dissonant guitar riffs with a pure and rich melodic chorus.  Lyrically, the song focuses on an individual who has been manipulated by someone to the point where they no longer recognize themselves.

The song was co-written with Chris Dawson and James Beattie and was produced, recorded and mixed by Chris at Aphotic Studios.

The new song has been added to official playlists on major streaming sites, most notable featured song on Pandora's NEW ROCK NOW playlist along with the playlist Cover Artist. Also being added to Pandora's DECIBEL! Today's Hard Rock, NEW ROCK and NEW MUSIC NOW playlists, along with Spotify's ALL NEW METAL playlist as well as Apple Music's BREAKING HARD ROCK and FRESH BLOOD.

You're The Reason is the 2nd single to released from their forthcoming yet untitled album due later this year.

It's the follow up to The Worst Kind released in late 2022 which brought Shallow Side back to the charts at Active Rock Mediabase, peaking at #36 leading the way with 300+ spins at Sirius Octane and Music Choice. The song was on the charts for 8 consecutive weeks.The song can be heard here.

Since coming into the rock scene, Shallow Side has released a little of everything - including several EPs, a full-length album, plus a number of assorted cover songs and singles. 

Their EP ONE purred three radio singles: Rebel, Renegade (a powerful Styx cover) and Can You Hear Me that began to get them noticed and earned them the title of Loudwire's 'Best New Artist of the Year'. In 2019, the band released their first full-length album Saints & Sinners which contained their most streamed-song to date, Sound The Alarm.

Their extensive music catalog has now surpassed more than 40 million streams globally, and their music videos have eclipsed 14.5 million views on their YouTube channel.