The Spiritual Machines - Brave New World

Fans of awesome songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Evan Frankfort (Melodine, Les Friction) can rejoice, as alternative sci-fi rock duo The Spiritual Machines, comprising Evan and lead vocalist James Grundler (Din Pedals, Palo Alto, Golden State) has just released the brand new single Brave New World.

The song was, as usual, written, produced and recorded by Mr. Frankfort himself and is another cinematic rock winner.  You can buy/stream Brave New World on BandCamp or cdbaby. If you're a Spotify user, check it here.

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming third The Spiritual Machines' full-length album. 

Dark Matter for mysterious act LES FRICTION Wednesday, 12 July 2017 22:50 by madseason
Les Friction - Dark Matter

Alternative/Art Rock band Les Friction returns with a brand new album, five years and a half after their self-titled debut.

The new record was released last June 30: titled Dark Matter, it was produced by the band's main man (and true cult hero) Evan Frankfort.

Dark Matter is another brilliant, orchestrated, cinematic, alternative pop-rock album, though less pompous and epic than the first one, so that The Spiritual Machines, the other Frankfort's band/project, come to mind when listening.

However, we're talking of great stuff, so check Dark Matter on Spotify now!

The Spiritual Machines - Witnesses And Criminals

Awake Alert Alive almost is the second album from The Spiritual Machines, an alternative sci-fi rock duo comprising Evan Frankfort and vocalist James Grundler (Palo Alto, Goldenstate).

Some of you may know Evan for his previous records with the alternative powerpop rockers Melodine and the epic pomp act Les Friction.

Evan alternates between playing in his own bands or as a studio/touring member (Sugarcult, Rancid, The Bangles, The Wallflowers, The Jayhawks) and working behind the scenes both as a songwriter, with artists including Liz Phair and Plain White T's, and as a film and television composer.

Awake Alert Alive almost is the follow up to the first album Volunteer; it was independently released last week, on February 14, and is the second chapter of a musical sci-fi saga inspired by the works of novelist Ray Kurzweil: an original headphone trip exploring the concept of living outside of one's body that asks the question "if we are able to upload our brains so that our essence continues on after our body gives out, what would happen to our minds?"

Musicwise, Awake Alert Alive almost has elements of alternative rock, symphonic rock and orchestrated, cinematic music... a mix of 30 Seconds To Mars, Muse and sci-fi soundtracks should give you a picture.

Check the lyric video for the single Witnesses And Criminals clicking on the image and stream this jewel of an album on BandCamp now!