Ghost stories from THE RAMONA FLOWERS Tuesday, 17 July 2018 21:30 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - Ghost

The five-piece indie-synth group The Ramona Flowers have released a music video for their latest single, Ghost, which reached the Top 30 charts on college radio.

The Ghost music video was directed by Frankie Nasso and shot in the Hamptons, NY. The video portrays the sensation that a past love is still around.

To stick with the ghost theme, the clip reveals the "lost" James Bond Aston Martin DB7. It's filled with little details that make it more meaingful than a band performing in an empty house. It creates a metaphorical match between vision and lyrics. The camera follows a girl that appears to be an apparition throughout the house while the band plays, promoting the lyrics, "it's your face that I see flicker even though you're not around".

Ghost is the new single from The Ramona Flowers' latest album, Strangers: check it out if you still haven't.

THE RAMONA FLOWERS release Strangers Friday, 18 May 2018 21:45 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - Out Of Focus

So here it is: The Ramona Flowers' much anticipated 3rd full-length album Strangers is released today, May 18, on Distiller Records.

The UK band's new record is the culmination of The Ramona Flowers' journey to perfect the balance between rock and electronica. Seamlessly meshing contemporary influences with timelessly anthemic melodies, the 11-track collection hits a euphonic sweet spot reminiscent of M83, Phoenix and Everything Everything. 

Strangers include the band's latest single Out Of Focus, a magnetic, synth-based track that begins with a rhythmic drum groove and continues with an upbeat, addictive chorus: watch the video clicking on the image.

Stream Strangers on Spotify now!

The Ramona Flowers - Dramatist

If you're a weChameleon's follower, you should know The Ramona Flowers by now. This talented UK indie-electronic band is releasing a new single and lyric video for their song Dramatist today, March 23, via Distiller Records.

Dramatist is an awesome synthpop track with a strong 80's influence: a soundtrack for your late afternoons moments, when the sun is setting and you need some relax. Watch the lyric video for Dramatist clicking on the image.

The Ramona Flowers is also announcing the pre-order of their upcoming album, Strangers, to be released next May 18. Strangers will include the new single Dramatist, as well as Same Sun, covered on these columns a couple of months ago.

Under the Same Sun of THE RAMONA FLOWERS Friday, 23 February 2018 21:45 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - Same Sun

The Ramona Flowers released a new electro-pop gem this week called Same Sun, via Distiller Records.

Same Sun is produced by Chris Zane (Bat For Lashes, Friendly Fires, Passion Pit) and explores the darker side of The Ramona Flowers' illuminative, nocturnal soundscape.

With an affinity for Phoenix, M83, Everything Everything, Sampha and Wild Beasts, the five-piece revel in creating a sonic euphony that blurs the line between rock and electronica; equal parts anthemic and danceable with an ear for the sound of tomorrow.

"Same Sun is about passing through a place you feel you don't belong to feeling like an outsider, but realizing that ultimately it doesn't matter because we are all a part of something bigger" said lead singer Steve Bird about the new song.

Watch the lyric video for Same Sun now clicking on the image.

The Ramona Flowers - If You Remember

Fresh off their appearance at the famous Glastonbury Festival, The Ramona Flowers have today, July 21, released a new four-track EP called Magnify.

Magnify is a sleek, bass driven, electronically informed modern pop EP with synthetic textures and melodies.

The leading single off the EP is If You Remember: the video for the song transports the viewers into the struggling life of a former famous movie director played by actor Brian Blessed (Doctor Who, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Tarzan). After acquiring a camera from kids playing in his yard, he is reminded of the innocence and drive he once felt. He rediscovers his happiness by joining the kids as they exude child-like wonder and excitement for filmmaking: a feel good video in not so feel good times.

Watch the video for If You Remember clicking on the image and stream the whole new EP on Spotify.

The magnified sound of THE RAMONA FLOWERS Wednesday, 7 June 2017 21:18 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - If You Remember

Bristol-based indie/synth pop band The Ramona Flowers will release their new EP Magnify on the 21st of July.
After touring extensively throughout 2016 with the likes of White Lies, The Heavy and The Stereophonics and delivering their second album Part Time Spies last Semptember, the band jumped into the studio to lay down 4 new tracks.

One of these songs, the new single If You Remember, dropped last friday, June 2: it's an ultracatchy synth pop/new wave number that could have been written by English band Hurts.

Lyrically, If You Remember "is about two lifelong friends and one of them has hit complete rock bottom. The one friend reminds the other of better times to try to help pick him back up emotionally."

With nearly half a million YouTube views, and over 350 thousand Spotify plays, The Ramona Flowers are quickly gaining domestic and international attention. 2017 will see them hit the road in Europe and Japan fresh from an intimate hometown show in Bristol and what promises to be a very special Glastonbury performance this summer. Meanwhile, listen to If You Remember on SoundCloud clicking on the image.

THE RAMONA FLOWERS: Part Time Spies Wednesday, 19 October 2016 15:39 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - Run Like Lola

Part Time Spies is the title of the second album from Bristol-based quintet The Ramona Flowers, a band that came together out of the ashes of several other projects, taking their name from the lead female character of the comic book and film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

The core of the group consists of guitar player Sam James, bass player Wayne Jones and keyboardist/guitarist Dave Betts, who met up with drummer Ed Gallimore and vocalist Steve Bird to begin crafting moody, electronically peppered alternative rock sounds influenced by the new wave, the synth pop and the electronic dance of the '80s.

Part Time Spies was recorded in late 2015 at The Distillery Studios in Bath and produced by the band with Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia, Nelly Furtado). it was officialy released last September 9 on Distiller Records.

Lyrically, Part Time Spies is a record surging with human warmth, filled with songs about the things that make life tick: death, rising rents, narcissism, broken relationships, selfies, the end of privacy, drunken nights out and hungover mornings in.

Sonically, it's an uneven record that will charm lovers of 80's acts like Ultravox, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and contemporary bands like Bastille, The Killers, White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club.

Watch the video for the latest single Run Like Lola clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.