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The Nearly Deads - Diamond In The Rough

Nashville rock band The Nearly Deads has released a brand new 6-song EP, Revenge Of The Nearly Deads, last May 26.

With the new EP, The Nearly Deads are going back to their roots with a more mature, seasoned sound. "We just listened to the fans and took notes" said frontwoman Theresa Jeane, "our biggest songs have been Never Look Back and Fact and Friction, so we wanted to go back to basics in a way."

Revenge Of The Nearly Dead was produced by Jon King, who's working with the band since the very beginning, as a sort of secret 6th member.

Watch the official video for the single Diamond In The Rough clicking on the image and stream the full ep on Spotify.

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The Nearly Deads

The Nearly Deads are a Nashville-based alternative rock outfit that could become the next big thing. Leaded by talented vocalist Theresa Jeane, they are influenced by The Used, Billy Talent, Blink 182, Something Corporate, Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins and describe their music as "My Chemical Romance meets Evanescence, with Courtey Love at the helm, if she could wail like Kelly Clarkson".

After a couple of EPs and years of extensive touring and appearances at notable festivals, The Nearly Deads will release their debut full length album "Invisible Tonight" this coming Summer. Meanwhile, listen to the first single off the album "I Said" here.