NO MONEY KIDS: electro-blues from France venerdì, 7 aprile 2017 21:15 by madseason
Hear The Silence - Take Me To Your Home

No Money Kids are an electro-blues duo from Paris, France, composed of young singer-guitarist Félix Matschulat and bassist-sampler-arranger JM Pelatan.
Born from a studio meeting in 2013, No Money Kids released their first EP Old Man in March 2014, followed by their full-length debut I Don't Trust You in November 2015.

Their songs appeared in a number of advertising, TV series and movies (Puma, Night Shift, Banshee, Misconduct with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins).

Hear The Silence is the title of their brand new second album, released last March 24 on Lqcg/Roy Music. Not easy to pigeon-hole, their music merges the classical style of the old school blues with modern electronic patterns.

Take as exemple the leading single of the new album, Take Me To Your Home: the band put out a video for the song, and you can watch it clicking on the image above.
Also, you can stream this awesome album in its entirety on the BandCamp page of  the band.