The Surface Tension of HIDDEN HOSPITALS Monday, 20 April 2015 22:38 by madseason
Hidden Hospitals - Rose Hips

This is the first time I feature Hidden Hospitals, a very interesting and emotional alternative progressive rock band from Chicago, Illinois.
After releasing two EPs (originally named EP 001 and EP 002) in 2011 and 2012, the American act debuted on the full-length distance a few weeks ago (on March 24) with Surface Tension.

In an interview for the band's Kickstarter campaign (which sparked the production of Surface Tension) singer David Raymond states "A big part of why Hidden Hospitals exists is because the four of us have collectively agreed that what we seek is outside of ourselves and worth striving for… It's exciting to me because this feels like the beginning."

Produced and mixed by J. Hall, the album features the single Rose Hips, whose video, directed by Jaret Ferratusco, can be watched clicking on the image. And if you want to dig further in the sound of Hidden Hospitals, stream (and buy!) Surface Tension on BandCamp.