East Coast Girls for BUTCH WALKER Friday, 10 June 2016 14:19 by madseason
Butch Walker - East Coast Girl (Lyric)

American songwriter, record producer, cult hero and personal favourite Butch Walker will release a brand new album next August 26 called Stay Gold.
Straight from Butch's mouth: "I'm really enjoying listening to this record LOUD. I don't know. The last record was a lot of songs about the death of my Father and it was a beautiful process to go through. But coming out of that, and into a feeling of almost "celebration", I felt the need to write it and record it. It's a drunken trip down memory lane for sure."

The first song off the album is East Coast Girl, an awesome, catchy rock track with 80's/New Jersey vibes all over it. Watch the "hot" lyric video now clicking on the image, a preview of Stay Gold here and a live acoustic rendition of the title-track here.

Rising stars: THE WILD WAITING Wednesday, 13 January 2016 17:04 by madseason
The Wild Waiting - All My Life

The Wild Waiting are a promise in the modern pop-rock landscape. They're from Boston, MA, and describe themselves as four 90's kids who lived in small towns, grew up in a big city, and love to make nostalgic sounds.

From their bio: "Pulling from a wide range of sounds, textures and instruments including dreamy keys and booming kettle drum-like percussion, the debut album Stay Gold captures what it feels like to live and love. As passionate songwriters and musicians, the band works hard to deliver emotional and powerful performances with the same fervor and quality found on their record."

The 6-tracks EP Stay Gold was released last Summer (July 26), and if you like well crafted pop-rock, great harmonies, a warm, sunny feeling and bands like Savage Garden, Invertigo, Echo Jet, then give The Wild Waiting a chance. Stream Stay Gold on SoundCloud and watch the video for the new single All My Life clicking on the image.