ERIC SLEEPER: Son Of A Gun Thursday, 15 December 2022 18:39 by madseason
Eric Sleeper - Son Of A Gun

Singer-songwriter Eric Sleeper has released his hard-hitting single Son Of A Gun today. Bending genres, the new track features bright guitar riffs contradicted with impactful lyrics.

Referencing the path of an aspiring artist finding their way and conquering trials and tribulations in the process, Son Of A Gun is Eric Sleeper's memories and personal story of being an up-and-coming musician himself. Taking pride in writing music that listeners can relate to, fans are encouraged to apply the lyrics to their own stories and hardships. "This song was written as a reflection of the internal struggles of an unknown artist, chasing a path of uncertainty, yet being completely content with it and accepting of whatever is to come," explains Sleeper.
Inspired by underdog stories, Sleeper expresses the feeling of those around you not believing in your potential in his line, "I chase the dreams I'm after; you say it's suicide." Continuously offering encouragement and opportunities to reflect, listeners are left feeling motivated and optimistic for the future.

New York-born and New Jersey-based Eric Sleeper began his musical journey at 14. Starting with guitar, immediately after, he picked up songwriting and quickly found his passion for expressing thoughts and feelings through lyricism. Later learning the MIDI keyboard, Sleeper has proven himself to be a well-versed musician, both instrumentally and vocally. Taking inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Elliot Smith, Nirvana, and Bon Iver, Sleeper values their minimalistic approach to songwriting.

With a goal of making his debut album in the near future, Son Of A Gun is his third single. Making his debut with Junkie followed by Emily, he's earned the attention of and XS Noize. Fans have much to look forward to with an album in the works and a goal of bringing new music to the stage in the near future.

Son Of A Gun is now available for streaming or download.