SMOKE SEASON: the Wolves are coming lunedì, 6 novembre 2017 21:45 by madseason
Smoke Season - Wolves

Indie-Pop/Electro duo Smoke Season has just released a brand new single titled Wolves.

Featuring creepy beats from powerhouse producer/mixer Christopher Mullings (The Neighborhood, LP) and production from DJ/producer Fabian Ordorica (Goldroom), Wolves continues the electro-soul duo's newfound emphasis on writing indie-dance bangers with a rocksteady flair. Smoke Season, a duo whose wild, passion-filled energy has been a signature since day one, explain that the song came about in the throws of a fiery argument.

Wolves is a part of the slew of new material Smoke Season has written over the past year for their debut full-length album, due out in 2018. The new songs finds Smoke Season placing a new emphasis on Jason Rosen's (lead guitarist) Jamaican background through the incorporation of reggae undertones into their signature electro-soul indie pop sound.

Enjoy Wolves clicking on the image and stay tuned for further info on the LP.

SMOKE SEASON - Good Days: the video sabato, 5 agosto 2017 21:30 by madseason
Smoke Season - Good Days

A few weeks ago I told you about Indie-pop/electronic duo Smoke Season's new single Good Days.

The LA band has just released the related music video, a nostalgic, sun-kissed clip shot entirely on 8mm film, that delivers a heavy dose of the 1970s vibe that has recently become synonymous with Smoke Season.

Good Days is directed by longtime Smoke Season collaborator, Scott Fleishman (of APLUSFILMZ) who recently handled videos for Snoop Dogg, Yellow Claw, Elliphant, DJ Snake, and became known for collaborations with Kendrick Lamar over the years.

"'Good Days is a song about nostalgia. We wanted to capture the bittersweet feeling of remembering times that shaped you into who you are today. Those events seem to slip by as they're happening but their importance becomes so clear in retrospect. To us, this is the definition of soul-shaping” commented the duo

Watch the video for Good Day now clicking on the image.

SMOKE SEASON's old good days venerdì, 16 giugno 2017 21:54 by madseason
Smoke Season - Good Days

Indie-pop/electronic duo Smoke Season is releasing their brand new single Good Days today, June 16.

Produced and mixed by Fabian Ordorica (Goldroom), Good Days is a nostalgic summer anthem where Gabrielle Wortman's fierce vocals and Jason Rosen's guitar work are layered with bursts of saxophone from guest instrumentalist James Ragusa.

The lyrics explore self-development and the growing pains that go along with it. "We wanted to capture the bittersweet feeling of remembering times that shaped you into who you are today. Those events seem to slip by as they’re happening, but their importance becomes so clear in retrospect. To us, this is the definition of soul-shaping" said Gabrielle about the theme of the song.

Good Days is another winner in Smoke Season's catalogue: stream the single on SoundCloud and buy it on iTunes.

SMOKE SEASON: Ouroboros is out venerdì, 15 aprile 2016 21:00 by madseason
Smoke Season - Ouroboros

Smoke Season's new EP Ouroboros is released today, Friday, April 15.

As previously reported, Ouroboros' concept is about four different characters, each fighting their own personal battle, whose seemingly disparate lives intertwine to demonstrate the interconnectedness of humanity. Each character's got his own song and music video: we already followed the stories of Samantha, in an heartbreaking tale of teenage LGBT love, and Chase, a father who, upon his return from war, is tormented by the tragic effects of PTSD.

Before discovering the next two videos, we have now the chance to focus on the whole EP itself. We already know Loose, with its peculiar electro-Americana sound, and the moody When The Smoke Clears, with its amazing textured electric guitar lines.

The 4-track EP (6-track, if we consider the Intro and Outro), continues with Emilia, a slow, simple number with a mesmerizing, relaxed vibe and Santa Rosa, which, in contrast, is upbeat and more structured in its first part, before a delicious guitar break slow things down to an atmospheric ending.

Stream the whole ep on Spotify and buy it on iTunes. Support great indie music!

SMOKE SEASON: Ouroboros Chapter 2 martedì, 15 marzo 2016 20:45 by madseason
Smoke Season - When The Smoke Clears

Back to Smoke Season, 'cos this amazing indie duo has just released the powerful video for When The Smoke Clears, the second chapter to their short film, Ouroboros, inspired by their EP of the same title.

The visually stunning narrative begins where their previous video, Loose, left off – eventually delving into a heartbreaking tale of a veteran suffering from PTSD.

When The Smoke Clears, the song, showcases Gabrielle Wortman's phenomenal vocals and Jason Rosen's textured electric guitar lines; it was produced by Kyle Draper and Dave Burris of Mateo Sound, with additional programming and mix by Chris Mullings (The Neighbourhood, LP).

The Ouroboros EP is set to be released next month; in the meantime, enjoy When The Smoke Clears clicking on the image above.

Ouroboros: the new project of SMOKE SEASON martedì, 22 dicembre 2015 14:52 by madseason
Smoke Season - Loose

Indie band Smoke Season released their breathtaking video for Loose, which serves as the first chapter to their short film, Ouroboros, and is the first single off their upcoming EP of the same title, out in 2016.

Packed with stunning cinematography, an all-star cast and a heartbreaking tale of the reality of teenage LGBT love, Loose marks Smoke Season's most ambitious and rewarding project yet. Ouroboros' plot spans across the narratives of four radically different characters (each with their own dedicated music video), whose seemingly disparate lives intertwine to demonstrate the interconnectedness of humanity.  

Musically, Loose displays ethereal instrumentation, powerful beats and fierce vocals that set it apart as a powerfully unique, but equally catchy indie rock anthem. The song continues Smoke Season's unique "electro-Americana" combination of both folk and electronic influences. Loose was produced by Kyle Draper and Dave Burris of Mateo Sound and mixed by Chris Mullings (The Neighbourhood, LP, Weird Al Yankovic).

The remaining three videos will be released in 2016 to continue the story. Separately, a combined short film edit spanning 20 minutes in length will begin screening at a number of international film festivals in 2016. The band will be releasing the songs from the Ouroboros EP digitally, physically and on vinyl.

Check the video for Loose now clicking on the image above.

SMOKE SEASON's Bees: the video sabato, 23 maggio 2015 15:36 by madseason
Smoke Season - Bees

A quick update on Smoke Season, the americana/indie pop rock/electronic duo that I already featured a couple of times here on weChameleon.

Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen have just disclosed a brand new video for their latest single, the recently released Bees.
Take this new chance to enjoy a great track watching the video now!

Bees: the new single of SMOKE SEASON venerdì, 10 aprile 2015 22:14 by madseason
Smoke Season - Bees

Last year I had the pleasure to introduce to my readers Smoke Season, a very interesting duo that impressed me with their sophomore EP "Hot Coals | Cold Souls" and the amazing single "Badlands".
I really liked how americana, indie pop rock and electronic blended together to forge a soulful, haunting, western-tinged sound.

Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen adventure in musicland is going on strong, as they have just released the brilliant new single "Bees", another great example of Smoke Seasons' inspired songwriting. Check this little gem clicking on the cover on the left.