STARING OUT THE SUN: The Movie Monday, 25 April 2016 22:14 by madseason
Break The Silence - Break The Silence - The Movie

Last year I introduced to my readers the 4 piece London-based rockers Staring Out The Sun with their debut EP Break The Silence.

The modern and anthemic hard-hitting rock act has just released a full mini movie based on their EP.

"We didn’t want to be like every other band out there. We wanted to say something unique to us. By making a movie out of our whole EP we could do just that" said the band.

The movie was directed by Paul Blue and you can watch it now clicking on the image.

The band's full length debut Dawn drops May 13th, so stay tuned for further news on Staring Out The Sun.

STARING OUT THE SUN Break The Silence Thursday, 5 March 2015 21:39 by madseason
Staring Out The Sun - Secrets

Staring Out The Sun are a 4 piece London-based band playing modern and anthemic hard-hitting rock with huge choruses and great attitude.

The English outfit released their debut EP "Break The Silence" last February 16 via Sleep Walk Records. The EP was produced by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Fightstar, Machine Head) and Paul Blue (Fighting Wolves) and features the single "Secrets": watch the video now clicking on the image.

To preview the whole EP, head on to the Bandcamp Page of Staring Out The Sun and stream each and every one of the EP's four tracks.