We're all Savages, according to CRASHING ATLAS mercoledì, 23 agosto 2017 21:42 by madseason
   Crashing Atlas - Savages

Crashing Atlas is an American Hard Rock band from Maryland. Their sound can be described as eclectic, with high flying guitars and electronic experimentations.
Born out of the ashes of a previous group, Felix, Blosk, and Doug teamed up with up-and-coming vocalist Shelby Celine to infuse her pop sensibilities with their hard driving sound.

The much addictive Savages is Crashing Atlas' second single off their brand new album Ascend (the first being the title-track) to be released on September 22.

"Savages was written about the world as it sits today. In a world where most things are self absorbed with the prominence of technology and social media. If it were to all crumble, we would have to revert back to our basic instincts. With the millennial generation not knowing a world without these things, would we be able to survive and have compassion towards our fellow human beings? Because in the end we are all SAVAGES."

Check Savages clicking on the image and get ready for Ascend.