Rising stars: CONCORDIA Monday, 16 January 2012 00:14 by madseason

From the bio: "Concordia is an alternative rock band that hails from the rock n' roll capital of the world, Cleveland, Ohio. The band was founded by Eric Emery (lead vox, guitar) in late 2011. Concordia's debut album ("Clarity Of Perception") was produced, recorded and mixed by famed rock singer and producer Sahaj Ticotin of the band RA. It was recorded at Sahaj's studio in Tarzana, Ca and is set to be released early 2012. The session drumming for the album was done by Adrian Ost (Powerman 5000, Dope) and features songs co-written by Chris Taylor Brown (Trapt), and Dustin Bates (Downplay)".

Concordia have just posted the preview of all the tracks included in the upcoming album: check them out here now, 'cos they really sound good! Where there's Sahaj Ticotin there's quality...

New RA music Wednesday, 17 August 2011 23:59 by madseason

RA's frontman Sahaj Ticotin has just released via SoundCloud the first draft of the mix of a brand new RA's song, named "Running Blind".

It's been recorded with band's mates Ben Carroll and P.J. Farley, with special guest Dave Chavarri from Ill Nino on drums.

The new song will be uploaded on iTunes in a couple of days, as soon as Sahaj feels that the mixing is perfect. Meanwhile, listen to the released version here. Great track, by the way!