Chasing Ghosts & Shadows with PEEL lunedì, 28 agosto 2017 01:20 by madseason
Peel - Like Sand

Cult modern melodic rock band Peel, from Norway, released their new album Ghosts & Shadows last August 7 on Unacclaimed World Records.

The new record is a collection of 14 songs entwined together with one unifying word: loss. All the lyrics deals with different kinds of loss; loss of love, faith, trust, sanity, our planet, privacy.

Musically it spans over a various set of styles: "We're really thieving the treasure chest of pop and rock culture, doing whatever we want, whenever we want. The basic foundation for us, our ideology, is that music is communication, touching deep where words and reason can't reach, it's the soundtrack and catalyst to memories, to hopes, dreams, broken hearts, political fierce and anger, fear, joy..."

Watch the video for the single Like Sand clicking on the image and preview the whole record on cdbaby.

New single for Norwegian act PEEL lunedì, 14 dicembre 2015 18:51 by madseason
Peel - Given Time

Peel started out in Norway at the begining of this millenium and has ever since provided fans all over the world with strong, heartfelt, alternative melodic poprock in form of great songs such as Natalie Somewhere, Everlive, Breathe, Second Man On The Moon and Too Deep to mention a few.

The band has remained a secret gem, an easter egg, although they have recieved great reviews for their work both in studio and live on stage.

Their latest single, Given Time, is another strong and powerful anthem both catchy and with a dark depth. The claustrophobic lyrics are filled with despair leaving the listener with an uneasy feeling. Check out the video clicking on the image.