OCEAN GROVE: Dream Tuesday, 1 December 2020 21:03 by madseason
Ocean Grove - Dream

Alternative rockers Ocean Grove have a new single out, called Dream.
Originally a hidden track on Flip Phone Fantasy and written long before the year was thrown into disarray, the release of the song arguably marks the track that 2020 needs.

Vocalist Dale Tanner describes the song as the ultimate PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) anthem: "it feels as though the lyrics have taken on an even deeper relevance when we look back on the stories of life's fragility that have been making headlines for months. Ultimately it hopes to inspire listeners to stop paying attention to the naysayers and the constant reminders that we're not good enough and instead to chase those crazy life goals to no end. This song is Ocean Grove running to the rooftops and shouting loud and clear that time is our greatest commodity and we shouldn't waste a bloody second of it."

Bassist Twiggy Hunter adds, "Dream was written to empower the listener and instil a sense of don’t-give-a-fuck-ery with a bold, glistening undertone of optimism and hope. We hope listeners can use this song as a form of lifeblood to not give up hope through the times ahead and go on to prosper and thrive in their own individualism."

Watch the official music video for Dream clicking on the image.