HUNGER: My Shirt Your Dress Monday, 5 August 2019 19:08 by madseason
Hunger - My Shirt Your Dress

Ambitious Austrian alt-rock trio HUNGER, have released their new track, My Shirt Your Dress. The song is the second single off of their forthcoming record, Mosaik.

With a chilled melancholic sound, HUNGER stray from their trademark synth-based tracks and embrace a moody, dark pop, soundscape.

"The song is about the big 'what-if' love of your life," the band explains. "We all have it. We all know it. You might have this one person you never asked on a date although you felt a very strong connection with, or might have met the better half of your life, but for some reason it just didn't work out. Sometimes love just never really gets the chance."

Produced by the band's own Johannes Herbst, My Shirt Your Dress is now available to download and stream across all digital media platforms worldwide.

Also, watch the official music video now clicking on the image.