Dark Matter for mysterious act LES FRICTION Wednesday, 12 July 2017 22:50 by madseason
Les Friction - Dark Matter

Alternative/Art Rock band Les Friction returns with a brand new album, five years and a half after their self-titled debut.

The new record was released last June 30: titled Dark Matter, it was produced by the band's main man (and true cult hero) Evan Frankfort.

Dark Matter is another brilliant, orchestrated, cinematic, alternative pop-rock album, though less pompous and epic than the first one, so that The Spiritual Machines, the other Frankfort's band/project, come to mind when listening.

However, we're talking of great stuff, so check Dark Matter on Spotify now!

Here Comes LES FRICTION's Reign Friday, 1 June 2012 23:55 by madseason
les friction

Les Friction is one of the most interesting new bands that came out this year so far. I already introduced them in this post 5 months ago. And if what I wrote is not enough to convince you to try them, here's what the legendary Queen's guitar player Brian May had to say about these Californians: "NOBODY, but NOBODY, out there, is doing stuff like Les Friction is doing. Nobody dares!" Not bad, uh?

Now I have the chance and the pleasure to present you the video for one of the many great tracks of their self-titled debut album, "Here Comes The Reign". As usual, watch it by clicking on the image.

LES FRICTION are Louder Than Words Wednesday, 4 January 2012 23:10 by madseason

Les Friction is a new band from Los Angeles that rises from the ashes of E.S. Posthumus, an indie group that produced cinematic style music, with classical structure intertwined by orchestral and electronic sounds.

Led by Helmut Vonlichten, Les Friction deliver an epic, pompous, thrilling, orchestrated kind of music that sounds like a mix of Queen and Muse.

Have a taste of their skill downloading two free great, promising songs from their facebook page: "Louder Than Words" and "Torture". Both tracks will appear on Les Friction's debut album, to be relased on January, 24th. And if it weren't enough, the group will be releasing a third free song, "Here Comes The Reign", about a week before the album drops. So keep checking their page!