Rising stars: KING NO-ONE Tuesday, 16 April 2019 21:57 by madseason
King No-One - Under the Sound

Indie/alt-pop rock King No-One, from Yorkshire, released their debut EP OOMM last March 29 via LAB Records.

"It's finally time for us to release a body of work, it's difficult to explain the gravity of this to us. We've travelled the UK continually, grafting with no investment from anybody but ourselves and you the beautiful public. Playing on the streets, 5 sets a day over 12 hours - 2 to 3 times a week for 5 years.
That's what we had to do with no funds, and it's been harder work and soul destroying than you could imagine. Because we know, and those of you that watch us in concert know where our future lies. We've never had a support tour, radio play, blogs or playlists because we use our money to pay living bills and what we have left goes into recording
But yet thousands of you come to our shows despite us not having the budget to reach you, and that's simply down to word of mouth. Our concerts are what keep us going, because that stage is our home, and we love welcoming you there. But this EP is where we make our home a town." said the band about the release, adding "This EP stands as the true beginning, but not of King No-One. It stands as the beginning of you and us, in the true underground of music where the people choose who they want. The songs are a collection of dramatically different feelings in the last couple years that Zach has felt and expressed in this record. Confidence, fragility, an inspirer, the inspired - Feeling the power to effect the balance of this world, to feeling the weight of his own mind crushing him to nothing."

King No-One has all that it takes to become huge: great sound, infectious melodies, massive singles, attitude, a strong work ethic and perseverance.

If you still don't know King No-One, stream OOMM on Spotify, watch the video for the latest single Under The Sound clicking on the image and catch them live as soon as you can.