Get Higher with H.E.R.O sabato, 3 febbraio 2018 15:00 by madseason

H.E.R.O is a rock band from from Copenaghen, DK, I already featured them a couple of times.

They released their self-titled debut EP on September 9, 2016, a very entertaining melodic anthemic rock mini-album that featured the brilliant singles Superpowers and Fall And Fade.

Now they're back with a brand new single titled Higher, released on January 12, again on Mermaid Records and exclusively distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Denmark.

Higher is another awesome, highly addictive track, in the vein of their countrymen Carpark North. Check it out on Spotify and stay tuned for news about H.E.R.O's upcoming new album.

Higher and higher with LIFE ON PLANET 9 lunedì, 6 febbraio 2017 21:30 by madseason
Life On Planet 9 - Higher

Album number 3 for Life On Planet 9, the pseudonym for experimental releases used by Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey of American hard rock band Lo-Pro.

While the band's first album Bittersweet was an acoustic escape from the duo's other heavy projects, distorted guitars crept back into their second album The Theory of Everything and are now very much a part of this third album titled Higher.

Higher was independently released last January 31; it was produced, as the previous ones, by Pete Murray and is an excellent electronic rock/dream pop album that fans of Massive Attack, U2, M83, 30 Seconds To Mars, Atticus Fault, Porcupine Tree, Peter Gabriel and Marillion simply can't miss.

From the ethereal guitar/synth scape of the opening track Wake Up to the characteristic wall of guitars in Go, from the soulful catchiness of the single All Your Words (imagine Simple Minds hybridize with Massive Attack) to the anthemic chorus of Last Summer, the new album marks an exciting union of Murray and Godfrey's classic sound with the new frontier that is Life On Planet 9.

Stream Higher on Spotify clicking on the image and discover a sure contender for Best Album of the year.