FOUNDING NEVERLAND in a Heartbeat martedì, 1 maggio 2018 21:45 by madseason
Founding Neverland - Heartbeat

Another interesting Finnish band here on weChameleon's columns. Founding Neverland formed in 2011 as an alternative rock/metal act. Combining frontman Juuso's engaging pop/R'n'B vocals with a massive soundscape, crushing riffs & earlier more aggressive elements, Founding Neverland has accomplished to take in the best of both worlds and mold it into a distinguishable style of their own.

The first single demonstrating a new, less heavy, more modern sound, Whole Again, was self-released in September of 2017. The song made an impact and reached fans all around the world with support from Spotify's local playlists & Discover Weekly.

The new song of this second era for the finnish band is Heartbeat, the new single released last March 23. Check the official video for Heartbeat now clicking on the image.

Satellite Stories - Vagabonds

Album number 3 for Finnish indie pop rockers Satellite Stories: this new one is called "Vagabonds" and was released last week on XYZ Berlin Music.

"Vagabonds" was recorded in UK with renowned Simon "Barny" Barnicott (Arctic Monkeys, Temper Trap, Kasabian) and features the singles "Heartbeat" and "Vagabonds," whose brand-new video can be watched clicking on the image on the left.

Satellite Stories are currently touring Europe, so catch 'em live while you can.

THE FRAY's Heartbeat on video mercoledì, 30 novembre 2011 00:06 by madseason
The Fray

More than a month ago I presented on these columns the new, very nice single by american rock band The Fray, named "Heartbeat". Now it's time to feature the video for the single, directed by Justin Francis: watch it by clicking on the frame here on the left. And if you want more, you can watch a nice "behind the scene" of the video at this link.

As I already told you, The Fray's new album is named "Scars And Stories" and will be released on February, 7th 2012 through Epic Records/Sony Music. For their third studio album, The Fray chose to change producer, switching from the Aaron Johnson/Mike Flynn duo to the superstar of the console Brendan O'Brien.

THE FRAY: new single now, new album next year venerdì, 21 ottobre 2011 00:45 by madseason
the fray

"Heartbeat" is the title of the new single by american rock band from Denver, Colorado The Fray. The song has been released a few days ago, and you can stream it at the band's website now. I have to say that this is the kind of song that I would have welcomed on the new Coldplay album. But later of this.

The Fray's new album, to be released on February, 7th 2012, is named "Scars And Stories", after a B-side that did not make it onto the new record. For their third studio album, The Fray chose to change producer, switching from the Aaron Johnson/Mike Flynn duo to the superstar Brendan O'Brien.

During a recent interview, the band revealed that they used part of the album's budget to travel and see the world before recording "Scars And Stories". For instance, "Heartbeat" was inspired by a trip to Rwanda, and the tracks "Munich" and "Rainy Zurich" were inspired by their journey to those european locations.