Get Higher with H.E.R.O sabato, 3 febbraio 2018 15:00 by madseason

H.E.R.O is a rock band from from Copenaghen, DK, I already featured them a couple of times.

They released their self-titled debut EP on September 9, 2016, a very entertaining melodic anthemic rock mini-album that featured the brilliant singles Superpowers and Fall And Fade.

Now they're back with a brand new single titled Higher, released on January 12, again on Mermaid Records and exclusively distributed by Sony Music Entertainment Denmark.

Higher is another awesome, highly addictive track, in the vein of their countrymen Carpark North. Check it out on Spotify and stay tuned for news about H.E.R.O's upcoming new album.

Rising stars: H.E.R.O from Denmark venerdì, 9 settembre 2016 21:00 by madseason
H.E.R.O - Dangerous

H.E.R.O is a rock band from Denmark. I don't have many infos about them, except they're from Copenaghen and are influenced by such bands as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters.

They consider their sound a mix of The Beatles melodies, Soundgarden riffs and Queen harmonies, a blend of rock from different eras.

I already featured their first two brilliant singles, Superpowers (September 2014) and Fall And Fade (April 2015). These two singles and the new one, Dangerous (click on the image to watch the lyric video), are included in H.E.R.O's self-titled debut EP, released today, September 9, on Mermaid Records, a Sony Music Denmark inprint.

If you like melodic anthemic rock with beautiful vocals and guitar parts that sounds fresh, energetic and highly entertaining, then stream H.E.R.O on Spotify.

Danish super H.E.R.O lunedì, 15 giugno 2015 20:52 by madseason
H.E.R.O. - Fall And Fade

H.E.R.O is a brilliant rock band fron Denmark. I don't have much to add bio-side as they don't have a website and their Facebook page is in Danish (no, I don't speak Danish). It's a pity, because this is truly a great band.

They have released two singles so far, Superpowers in September of last year and Fall And Fade on April 2015, both on Mermaid Records, a Sony Music Denmark inprint. And both of the singles are winners: modern melodic anthemic rock with beautiful vocals and guitar parts that sounds fresh, energetic and highly entertaining.

Watch the video for Superpowers here and the just released new video for Fall And Fade clicking on the image and discover an awesome new band!

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Evermore - Hero

"Hero" is the second single lifted from Australian alternative pop-rock band Evermore's fifth studio album "Follow The Sun", independently released last October. Watch the video for "Hero" clicking on the image on the left.

Evermore played some shows in support of Maroon 5's Australian leg of their worldwide "Overexposed World Tour" in October 2012, while more recently they went on a promotional tour on Matchbox Twenty's "North" Australian tour.