GOODNIGHT SUNRISE: Against All Odds Friday, 7 October 2022 18:45 by madseason
Goodnight Sunrise - Against All Odds

Vanessa Vakharia (vocals, keytar) and David Kochberg (vocals, guitar) of Canadian rock band Goodnight Sunrise speak about their just released new album Against All Odds.

Against All Odds is a poignant mantra: hard times come and go, but persistence and resilience can pay off when you believe in something deeply, including yourself. We worked with producer/mixer Brian Moncarz, who helped us define a new heavy, dynamic sound as we embraced our love of both classic and modern rock music. Duncan Coutts (bass) and Jason Pierce (drums) of legendary Canadian rock band Our Lady Peace helped us achieve our goal of capturing the energy of our live show on record.

We honestly can't believe that almost three years after we started writing and recording these songs, working on them through the darkest of days and wondering if they'd ever see the light, we are finally about to share our new album with the world. The feeling of playing these songs live on stage this year has been euphoric, and the album title is a testament to our band emerging from this period the same way we've taken on every challenge since we started in 2011: Against All Odds.

Lyrically, our new single Footsteps In The Dark, is about living in the past at the expense of the present and future, so we tried to push ourselves musically to be adventurous and experimental in the studio. It ended up sounding like if Florence + the Machine went back to 1987 to collab with U2 and brought Trent Reznor along to produce – it combines all our influences and experiences and is honestly our favourite song we've ever made.

Footsteps In The Dark is complex and cathartic, reflecting on how we can sometimes coast through life confused by, or oblivious to, our direction. We try to find our way and define a path for ourselves that means something profound, when maybe that’s not what we actually need to reach balance and happiness. It's the perfect final track for an album that explores our search for meaning and belonging, and contemplates how we cope with isolation and grapple with identity vs. social pressures to conform. We don't have all the answers by the end of it, but at least we've started asking the right questions.

One thing we know for sure: between these songs we've poured our hearts into and the all-star production team we were fortunate to work with, Against All Odds is the best record we have ever made.

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