FORGET TOMORROW are The Real Thing mercoledì, 12 aprile 2017 21:54 by madseason
Forget Tomorrow - The Real Thing

Forget Tomorrow is a dynamic six-piece alternative rock/R&B band from Wolcott, CT. The band has released a couple of EPs so far, Identity in 2015 and Wasted Time last year.

Wasted Time was produced, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Baylis (Sylar, Conditions, My Enemies & I) and truly depicts the evolution and maturation of Forget Tomorrow's sound.

Both their R&B and hardcore influences are evident in these songs, giving the band an extremely catchy, polished, and passionate piece of material.

The American act is now doing what it takes to advance to the next level, and are currently pursuing record labels, management groups, and booking agents to help them further their musical career.

Meanwhile they released two brand new singles in the last two months: The Real Thing (watch the video clicking on the image), and Say No More, whose lyric video can be watched following this link.

They're are both finely crafted and catchy pop rock songs with all the characteristics of Forget Tomorrow's sound, so go check them out now.