EVE TO ADAM are Immortal Monday, 2 September 2013 22:02 by madseason

"Immortal" is New York City-based rockers Eve To Adam's second single from upcoming new album "Locked & Loaded". Listen to the track following this link.

"Locked & Loaded", produced by Dave Bassett (Saliva, Halestorm), Eric Bass (Shinedown) and Michael Baskette (Incubus, Alter Bridge), will be released September 17 on 3 For 5 Records / Megaforce Records.

If you still haven't, watch the video for the first single "Straitjacket Supermodel", starring "Mistress" Juliya Chernetsky, clicking here.

EVE TO ADAM unleash hot new video Saturday, 1 June 2013 15:28 by madseason
eve to adam - straitjacket supermodel

New York City-based rockers Eve To Adam have just premiered the video for their new single "Straitjacket Supermodel", directed by Frankie Nasso and starring "Mistress" Juliya Chernetsky. View the explicit version of the clip now clicking on the frame on the left.

"Straitjacket Supermodel" is the lead single from Eve To Adam's new studio album "Locked And Loaded", produced by Dave Bassett (Saliva, Halestorm), Eric Bass (Shinedown) and Michael Baskette (Incubus, Alter Bridge) and to be released this summer on Megaforce Records.

eve to adam - straitjacket supermodel

New York City-based rockers Eve To Adam are finalizing the details for their new studio album with famed producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette. The successor of "Banquet For A Starving Dog", the album that put ETA on the map, will be released later in the year.

Meanwhile the band is sharing a new song called "Straitjacket Supermodel": "The song was inspired by the TV show "Dexter". We wrote a song that we envisioned would play in Dexter's head as he prepares to kill. The song is still ETA, but with a more modern edge. It’s EVE TO ADAM 2.0." Told singer Taki to Loudwire recently.

Head on SoundCloud now to stream "Straitjacket Supermodel" and if you like it, buy it on iTunes starting this coming Tuesday.

I like groups who try to go beyond the standards of the genre by focusing on personality and limiting the stereotypes. New York City-based rockers Eve To Adam are artists of this kind.
The 4 americans have already 3 full-length albums on their back and they've also performed sold-out tours with arena and stadium level acts such as Daughtry and Motley Crue, in addition to logging in more than 112 performance dates with Saliva, POD, Three Doors Down, The Exies, 12 Stones, Crossfade and more.
eve to adam

Their third studio album, "Banquet For A Starving Dog", was released last week via 3 For 5 Records, with Universal Distribution, preceded by the single "Run Your Mouth", which you can watch the video here.

Although ETA is a guitar-oriented band with great songwriting skills, I think that their strength is the vocal performance of frontman Taki Sassaris: his slightly husky voice, always warm, intense and soulful, moves perfectly on the wonderful melodic vocal lines, typifying all the songs and contributing significantly to the identity of the band's sound. If every band had a singer with such charisma and ability, the current music scene wouldn't seem a festival of the clone.

Anyway, do not underestimate the partners in crime of Taki, all solid musicians, never predictable in the building of the sonic textures, both in the dark/heavy moments and in the more atmospheric ones.

"Banquet For A Starving Dog" is a "no fillers just killers" album that is gonna be in my top ten of 2011. Highly recommended!