Plan Three - Echo

Initially announced for an early year release and postponed to the end of September, Wish I Was Stormborne, the new album for the Swedish band Plan Three is finally out.

For those who still don't know Plan Three, they're a six-piece from Stockholm, influenced by the music from the past four decades, ranging from rock and grunge all the way to synth and pop.

Their influences reflect in their sound, that moves from heavy riffs and blasting drumbeats to beautiful string arrangements and warped sound effects, accompanied by thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies.

Wish I Was Stormborne includes the singles Welcome To The EdgeThe Otherside and the new one Echo (watch the video clicking on the image). Stream this beauty of an album on Spotify now!

The glowing sound of MATT LANDE venerdì, 1 gennaio 2016 23:52 by madseason
Matt Lande - Glow

Some of you may remember Oregon's artist Matt Lande as guitar player for the CCM rock band StorySide:B, which released two nice albums between 2005 and 2007.

Matt's new full-length record, Glow, independently released last December 1, is a brilliant alternative pop rock affair that comes as a mix of Coldplay, Matthew Good, Savage Garden and Keane.

If you like well crafted, non-ordinary pop music and intelligent and moody melodic rock, stream the whole Glow here.