AERIALS are back Drawing Blood Tuesday, 12 June 2018 21:54 by madseason
Aerials - Drawing Blood

I'm happy to report that Brisbane, Australia, amazing alternative rock band Aerials has a brand new song out.

It's titled Drawing Blood and it's their hardest hitting single to-date.

The boys recently teamed up with producer-duo Clint Vincent and Luke Palmer from rock heavyweights Dead Letter Circus, to record Drawing Blood. After months of hashing out demos in pre-production, the band settled on Drawing Blood as the first release of the new batch on the basis that it represented a new heavier direction for the band. The track morphed its way through five different versions, as the band explored new sonic territory and attempted to harness the energy of the song's lyrical theme - overwhelming regret.

Drawing Blood was digitally released last Friday, June 8, and it's a kick-ass song you simply can't miss. Watch the official video now clicking on the image.