DOWNPLAY's debut video Friday, 23 December 2011 23:59 by madseason

Downplay are an alternative rock band from Ohio influenced by the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars, Muse, Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Killers. Their new album "Beyond The Machine", produced by Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Godsmack), was intended to be released by Epic Records, with whom Downplay signed a deal in 2010. For some reasons, the band had to put it out independently at the beginning of this month.

Downplay are now working on a EP in Nashville to be released around February, while in the process of changing labels.

Clicking on the image above you can watch the first video off the new album, for the song "Digging It Out". Enjoy.