MATT LANDE: Boxes of astonishing tunes lunedì, 21 agosto 2017 22:51 by madseason
Matt Lande - Boxes

Alternative recording artist Matt Lande from Portland, OR, released his brand-new album Boxes last August 4.

The success of Glow, Matt's previous record, gave him the confidence to experiment more with his new material, leading him to self-produce and mix Boxes.

"Boxes is about packing up the negative things associated with the past and moving on. This album is something I'm extremely proud of on many levels." His hands-on approach was so intense that he found himself making last minute edits to a mix of one of the songs while in a hotel room in London, minutes before heading to Abbey Road Studios to hand the material off to iconic mastering engineer Frank Arkwright.

"This record is a big one for me. I learned so much about my musical self during this process and pushed myself harder than I ever have with any other record I've done. Although I feel I may have aged 24 years in the 8 months it took to make it, I'm in love with Boxes."

Boxes is an alt-pop rock jewel, slightly more electronic than Matt's previous works and with more orchestral parts. If you're a fan of Coldplay, Keane, Matthew Good, Savage Garden, then head on BandCamp, where you can stream it, buy it and check Lande's previous works.