NICE VICE: Bloom Friday, 11 February 2022 21:30 by madseason
Nice Vice - Bloom

Nice Vice just released his debut single, Bloom. The single draws inspiration from 90s rock and features melodic guitars, heavy undertones, and honest lyricism. The single is released ahead of a music video that guides audiences through the storytelling and range of emotions that influence the track.

Seth Horst, who performs under the alias Nice Vice, spent the better part of two years writing and recording a slew of new songs for his forthcoming EP, First Dose. "Bloom was the first song written in a large batch of songs over the last year and a half. It was never supposed to be on the EP," explains Horst. "I had honestly forgotten about it. Sometimes you miss the beauty and potential in something at first; fast forward, and it's the debut single."

The indie-rock single is accompanied by a music video shot by Dirty Shot Clean, to be released next week. The visual showcases four friends as they embark on a road trip in an RV and the adventures that ensue along the way. Horst played and recorded every instrument on the single. "It took me a long time to teach myself how to record all of the instruments and really get the sounds that I was looking for." He recruited Zak Van Zeumeren to mix Bloom and Theodore Papadopoulos to master it.

Nice Vice got started in his hometown of Toronto and is currently located in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Counting Crows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and Jack White, Nice Vice has been able to capture and reinvent the sound of 90s rock and melodic acoustics, exemplified in the new single Bloom.

Horst's songwriting style is a culmination of these artists, along with his own honest and unique flair. Blending sounds of the new and the old, this first release gives the listener a broad range of what he is capable of. With smooth and surprising transitions from soft to heavy, the powerful voice and captivating lyrics touch on themes of new love, lost love, and introspection.

Bloom is now available to stream or download on digital music platforms worldwide. Keep an eye out for the music video on February 17th. Be on the lookout for Nice Vice's EP, First Dose, due out in 2022.

ALPHA REV: new album, new video Tuesday, 19 March 2013 21:59 by madseason
alpha rev - sing loud

Today marks the release of Texan alternative/rootsy rockers Alpha Rev's new album "Bloom", the first one for Kirtland Records.

The first single off the new record is titled "Sing Loud": watch the official video now clicking on the image on the left.

More info on the band from Austin here.

ALPHA REV new album blooms next month Saturday, 5 January 2013 18:45 by madseason
alpha rev

Texan alternative/rootsy rockers Alpha Revfronted by songwriter Casey McPherson (also singer in the supergroup Flying Colors) will release their new album next February through Kirtland Records. It's their first record for the label based in Dallas, which signed the Austin's outfit last November.

The new album is titled "Bloom", while the first single is named "Sing Loud": watch the lyric video clicking on the image on the left.