Sleepless: new EP for HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED giovedì, 28 settembre 2017 23:10 by madseason
Harmful If Swallowed - Blame

SoCal punk-rock band Harmful If Swallowed released their new EP, Sleepless, last September 8.

Sleepless was produced by Ryan Greene (NOFX, LagWagon, Megadeth) and mastered by Gene Grimaldi (Pennywise, Rancid) at Oasis Mastering in Burbank, CA.

The Californian trio have managed to completely revitalize the classic punk sound on the five-track Sleepless through the struggle between love and hate, by creating relatable, yet mosh-pit worthy music.

Watch the video for the edgy lead single Blame clicking on the image and stream the whole EP on Spotify now.

A number 1 for LIO NICOL mercoledì, 1 febbraio 2017 22:08 by madseason
Lio Nicol - 1

Some weeks ago I introduced to my reader Lio Nicol, an awesome indie-pop songwriter and performer from Missoula, Montana, inspired by the legendary Diane Warren.

At that time, Lio had just released her first single Blame, a moving pop anthem, deep and catchy at the same time. Blame is the first single off Lio's debut EP 1, independently released last Friday, January 27.

1 was produced by Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios and features 4 tracks: all of them are really worth your attention. The album opener They Sent You Back Down is an upbeat, captivating anthem; the second track, Day Job, is a soulful indie-pop number; after Blame, the mini-album closes with Take Me Away, a special track for the talented pianist and songwriter, as it was the first song she wrote on piano entirely alone.

Stream 1 on Spotify or on SoundCloud and keep on supporting great independent artists.

LIO NICOL: a new indie-pop talent on the rise mercoledì, 14 dicembre 2016 22:59 by madseason
Lio Nicol - Blame

This is my very first "encounter" with Lio Nicol, an indie-pop songwriter and performer from Missoula, Montana, that relocated to California in 2010 to pursue a career in music.

A talented pianist and guitarist, Lio Nicol has found her greatest passion lies within songwriting. Inspired by the legendary Diane Warren, Nicol's songwriting is a reflection of her thoughts, heartbreak, and love.

Her powerhouse vocals and captivating indie-pop melodies have led to her being described as an early Mariah Carey meets Florence + The Machine.
Lio Nicol has toured and recorded with some of the industry's top musicians as well as Grammy award-winning producers. She has performed all over North America in a variety of concerts including the Dragon Boat Festival, Durango Expo, House of Blues San Diego, The Mint in Los Angeles and many others. Music fans have recognized her 5-octave range and impressive stage presence and continue to come back to her shows again and again.

Lio Nicol released her first single, Blame, a couple of weeks ago: it's a moving pop anthem, deep and catchy at the same time, that elucidates what it is to realize it's time to let go. The track finds the singer in her most vulnerable state as she details the confusion and pain felt during a one-sided breakup. Lio Nicol purposely writes storytelling lyrics that are open to interpretation so her listeners can decide for themselves what the songs are about. "I don't ever like to say too much about a song because I want people to feel exactly how they need to at the time of listening to it."

Produced by Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios, Blame is the first single off of her debut EP, 1, due out in early 2017.

Blame is available on iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify, so go check this little jewel out now.