ANDY ELLIS steps up to The Edge Of The Earth mercoledì, 20 giugno 2018 22:35 by madseason
Andy Ellis - Wasteland (Where's All The Money)

Andy Ellis isn't a new name at all, as he's been a member of Black Lab for 18 years.

Recently Andy was overtaken by a new inspiration, a calling to step up that translated in a solo album, titled Sunshine At The Edge Of The Earth, that the Los Angels artist wrote, performed, produced, recorded & mixed by himself. 

"This brilliant piece of synthpop involves everything he's good at - writing, playing, programming, producing and mixing - as well as his excellent new vocals" said Andy's music partner in Black Lab, Paul Durham, commenting SATEOTH.

Check this jewel out now on BandCamp and watch the lyric video for the first single Wasteland (Where's All The Money) clicking on the image.

BLACK LAB welcome you in A New World venerdì, 16 dicembre 2016 18:27 by madseason
Black Lab - A New World

You know that Californian Black Lab are one of my my favorite independent rock bands, so I'm very happy to report that they have a brand new studio album out.

It's the sixth of their career and is titled A New World. Fusing the electronic spine of their recent works with the searing rock of the first three albums, Black Lab has taken two years of tragedy and joy and exploded it into something transcendent, a testimony to the cleansing power of loss, redemption, and rock and roll.

The words of Paul Durham about A New World: "Years of blood, sweat, gin, joy, struggle and transcendence -- tears and much unseemly laughter, crashed cars and inscrutable dreams, the death of a lover and the discovery of love, hallucinogens and unimagined ghosts. This is the record of a past we can't forget and a future we can't wait to see, one we want so much for you to hear. this is a A New World."

Buy the album on the band's website or on iTunes and stream it on BandCamp clicking on the image.

BLACK LAB: the new album is out! mercoledì, 21 maggio 2014 21:28 by madseason
Black Lab - A Raven Has My Hear

Black Lab's new album "A Raven Has My Heart" is officially out today!

"Andy (Ellis) and I worked for two years on Raven, trying to create music that is both more Black Lab - more true to the heart of our sound and who we are - and also completely new. the result is a deep, dark reinvention, an evocation of every album we've made transmuted into a higher substance. We believe this album will grip you hard and low and take you places you've never been" said mainman Paul Durham. "As you may know, our Kickstarter to finish and market the album was wildly successful, raising over $75,000 from over 1,000 backers. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who showed us their support. Some of the money has already gone towards a cutting-edge marketing campaign, and radio is just starting to respond to the album."

Download the new song "Unfamiliar Sky" for free and hear a full preview of "A Raven Has My Heart" at this page, where you can also find the links to buy the album. Support one of the best independent rock bands around!

Help BLACK LAB promote their new album venerdì, 14 febbraio 2014 23:04 by madseason
black lab kickstarter campaign

Black Lab, one of my favorite independent rock bands, have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new album.

"After 18 months of hard work Andy (Ellis) and I are in the final stages of the album - and all we need is your support to mix, master, manufacture and market the album" said mainman Paul Durham, adding "we're dying for the whole world to hear it, which is why we’re doing this campaign so we can raise the funds to truly promote it to FM and XM radio and to pay for publicity aimed at music blogs and other media."

So head over to the campaign clicking on the image and make your pledge.

Black Lab

Black Lab have released a new video for the "Dying Just To Hold You", from their last studio album "Two Strangers". The video was made by some friends of the band in Scott Chestnut's directing class at the local university

Black Lab released at the end of last year "Unplugged", their first acoustic album, featuring unplugged versions of 13 favorites as well as 3 new songs. If you haven't bought "Unplugged" yet, you can do so now for only $8 at the band's store.

Meanwhile, Paul Durham & Co. are still working away at the new studio album. I'll keep you updated.

Something You Don't Know about BLACK LAB venerdì, 27 gennaio 2012 00:36 by madseason
Black Lab

The Black Lab guys are psyched to present their new video for the awesome song "Something You Don't Know", from the last studio album "Two Strangers". The video was directed, shot and cut by Scott Chestnut.

Black Lab released a couple of months ago "Unplugged", their first acoustic album, featuring unplugged versions of 13 favorites as well as 3 new songs. Expect Paul Durham & Co. to put out a clip for a song from this album in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy the video for "Something You Don't Know" clicking on the image here on the side.

BLACK LAB's acoustic cd is coming venerdì, 25 novembre 2011 16:15 by madseason
black lab

Great californian alternative rock band Black Lab have just announced that their new album "Black Lab Unplugged" is now available for pre-order.

This is the band's first acoustic album, featuring unplugged versions of 13 Black Lab favorites as well as 3 new songs.

"Breaking the songs down into pieces and then building them back using piano, acoustic guitar, cello, hand percussion and trap kit, we taught ourselves a new way of working and are strangely pleased about their mesmerizing new forms" says mainman Paul Durham, "focused on the songs and what minimal embellishment would best serve them, we drilled down to the core of each one and gave it new life, bringing the acoustic versions we play live directly to you".

You can pre-order the new album here and get instant access to all 16 songs via mp3 download. From this page you can also download a free teaser of "Unplugged", the first track "Remember". Pre-ordered CDs will go out next Tuesday, the day the album officially goes on sale.
STRAY PALACE's Diamond lunedì, 4 luglio 2011 00:05 by madseason
stray palace

Stray Palace is the side project of Paul Durham, mainman of alternative rock band Black Lab.

Paul Durham and Deej Hofer, his partner in this project, have just released the 7-tracks EP "The Diamond" that is up and ready for purchase at iTunes and Amazon MP3 Store.

According to Paul, the new EP "is catchy and bright and yet dark in all the right places, modern and trendy with just the right touches of classic rock in there".

The Black Lab website is featuring one song off "The Diamond" called "Best There Is" as the "free mp3 of the month". So stop by and grab it now.