BIRDS OF TOKYO new single: Good Lord Saturday, 2 March 2019 16:29 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - Good Lord

Australian alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo have a brand new song out: it's titled Good Lord.

Good Lord is a very emotional tune based on the real-life experience of lead vocalist Ian Kenny's marriage breakdown.

"You get married and you think you're gonna live happily ever after. But one day unexpectedly you see something that literally shatters your whole world. Then you have to spend years trying to put your head and heart back together. I know I'm not the first person to go through it, and unfortunately I won't be the last, but it still hurt like hell and you can hear that in this song" says Kelly about the song.

Buy/stream Good Lord now clicking on the image.

Birds Of Tokyo - Empire

One of my favourite bands from down-under, the alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo, is releasing its new studio album today, November 4.

It's titled Brace, it's out via Universal Music Australia and was produced by Dave Bottrill (Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Muse, Placebo, Rush).

This is what the band is saying to their followers about the new release: "Brace is out today. We hope you find some things in it that strike a chord. Lots of these ideas are close to our hearts and as YOU... our friends and peers are probably feeling too… the world could be better right now. So let's get a beer, throw around some air guitar and try work this out!"

Brace is darker, heavier and more intense than BOT's previous releases: "The whole reason we've written this record is to play it live. We have a lighting and visual show like nothing we've done before, so come see what we are talking about!"

The band is taking the new record on the road for a bunch of Australian tour dates in November and December, so if you there do yourself a favour and go see Birds Of Tokyo live.

Meanwhile watch the video for the new single Empire clicking on the image and buy/stream Brace following this link.

Birds of Tokyo - I'd Go With You Anywhere

As reported a few days ago, one of my favourite bands from down-under, alternative pop-rockers Birds Of Tokyo, have just released a new single titled I'd Go With You Anywhere.

I told you that a video would have followed the release, and here it is: click on the image and watch the brand new video for I'd Go With You Anywhere!

The words of the band: "The vid serves as a nod to all things upcoming. We are tying this in with our new 'Playlist' collection - which is a nod to our creative journey so far, as much as it is looking to the next phase (in which we are carrying a very new kind of fire in our musical blood!)."

I'd Go With You Anywhere is included in Playlist, a singles collection featuring 18 tracks, to be released next November 6: pre-order it here now!

BIRDS OF TOKYO: with us anywhere Sunday, 27 September 2015 15:00 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - I'd Go With You Anywhere

One of my favourite bands from down-under, alternative pop-rockers Birds Of Tokyo have just released a new single titled I'd Go With You Anywhere.

The words of the band: "This song has been swirling around for a little bit now and we needed time for it to find it's voice. So what you hear is where it landed! In our ever searching and exploring creative world, it's nice to be gifted little moments like this one that all of us feel really proud of. It's a really personal and kind of spiritual ode to wonderment and the excitement and fear that usually saddles alongside the unknown. It's a journey and so we hope you find yourselves with us on this."

I'd Go With You Anywhere is an uplifting, blissful song that you can listen to clicking on the image. A video will be out soon for this as well, so stay tuned.

BIRDS OF TOKYO: Anchor - The Video Monday, 25 May 2015 21:30 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - Anchor

An update also on Australian alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo, whose new 4-track EP titled Anchor was featured on weChameleon a month ago.
The brand-new video for the single and title-track of the EP is out now. It was directed by Kris Moyes (Sia, Beck, Franz Ferdinand) and you can check it clicking on the image.

A comment about the song and the video by the band: "Turn the lights down friends... We wanted to create a visual for Anchor which heightened the sense of this confession/cleansing. We can tend to miss or overlook when people we care about aren’t going too well, as is human nature. This song is about that. Whether it's a relationship that's about to end or a life, we need to recognise this so that we do not lose these people. We do not need that darkness - so through our collaboration with the hyper-creative Kris Moyes, we found that in the Anchor video we absorb that darkness, apologise and promise to be better. We really hope this helps explain who we are, why we are and where we are going."

BIRDS OF TOKYO reveal new EP Anchor Sunday, 26 April 2015 21:45 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - Anchor

Brilliant Australian alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo have just released a brand new 4-track EP titled Anchor.

The band presented the mini-album with these words: "We hope you enjoy this little experiment. There's going to be some unrecognisable Birds of Tokyo sounds on here. We spent a lot of time looking outwards trying to challenge what inspired us. There's some hip hop elements that we've never explored before. There's some vocal effects that made Kenny sound like he's from another galaxy. But it's all in the name of art and exploration. There's always a purpose to it. Anchor is our first single, but given the experimental nature of this EP, it's not an indicator of material at all. Each song lives on a different world to the other. That's what makes it interesting. We encourage you try to visualise these worlds when you listen. If you were hoping for more than just an EP don't despair, there's more coming. This is just the beginning."

Stream the Anchor EP on Spotify now clicking on the image above.

birds of tokyo - when the night falls quiet

Australian alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo have a new single out: it's "When The Night Falls Quiet", the latest one to be lifted from the band's new studio album "March Fires", released last March.

The new single is accompanied by another striking video from talented director Josh Logue (who collaborated with the band on the "Lanterns" video). Watch it now clicking on the frame on the left.

BIRDS OF TOKYO ready to fire March Saturday, 19 January 2013 17:39 by madseason
birds of tokyo

Alternative rockers from Perth (Western Australia) Birds Of Tokyo will release their fourth full-length studio album "March Fires" next March, 1.

The band has a brand new video out, for the single "Lanterns", to be featured in "March Fires". The video was directed by Josh Logue (Hilltop Hoods, Empire Of The Sun, The Rubens) who did a rad job creating and executing an urban gathering of numbers. Watch the clip clicking on the image.