RA launch Kickstarter campaign Sunday, 10 June 2012 01:05 by madseason

Alternative rockers Ra are going to do a new album this summer and to get some help for the making of the record, the band has launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the largest funding platform for creative projects.

This is what Ra's frontman Sahaj Ticotin had to say about this move: "I've been in talks with several labels all of which have made offers to fund our newest effort. The problem hasn't been the offers but the atmosphere of fear that each meeting has shown me. Having been on Universal/Republic records for 5 yrs we are very aware that this fear has affected both small and large labels. Ra is an entity that exists somewhat outside of the record industry although we have sold 400,000 cds over our career. We feel the best way to succeed with a new record would be to make it ourselves, with the help of our fans and then to partner with a label for promotion and marketing.

That said, we are trying to keep the album cost to a minimum and get it done as quickly as possible. If we can reach our goal it will cover the studio and travel cost associated with bringing out the guys to LA to work with me. I've tried to come up with exciting offers for those willing to pay $20 or more!"

So, what are you waiting for? Ra is one of the best bands around: click on the logo and make your pledge now!

And don't forget that Sahaj has just released an amazing solo album titled "Another Minute": find out more about it on Sahaj's facebook page.