AERIALS are back Drawing Blood Tuesday, 12 June 2018 21:54 by madseason
Aerials - Drawing Blood

I'm happy to report that Brisbane, Australia, amazing alternative rock band Aerials has a brand new song out.

It's titled Drawing Blood and it's their hardest hitting single to-date.

The boys recently teamed up with producer-duo Clint Vincent and Luke Palmer from rock heavyweights Dead Letter Circus, to record Drawing Blood. After months of hashing out demos in pre-production, the band settled on Drawing Blood as the first release of the new batch on the basis that it represented a new heavier direction for the band. The track morphed its way through five different versions, as the band explored new sonic territory and attempted to harness the energy of the song's lyrical theme - overwhelming regret.

Drawing Blood was digitally released last Friday, June 8, and it's a kick-ass song you simply can't miss. Watch the official video now clicking on the image.

The Restless ones: AERIALS Wednesday, 9 September 2015 22:05 by madseason
Aerials - Restless EP

Some of you may have just seen them supporting Dead Letter Circus in Brisbane: I'm talking of prog/post-rockers Aerials, one of the best bands emerged from Australia in the last years.

Aerials have released their sophomore EP Restless a few days ago. The EP was produced by guitar player Tristan Chu, engineeered by Michael Smallman with Chu, mixed by Tim Baker (except for the title-track, by Forrester Savell) and mastered by Dave Neil.

Restless features the last two singles of the band, Symptoms and Burn Burn Burn and can be streamed on SoundCloud and on Bandcamp, where you can also buy it. Do yourself a favour and enjoy this talented crew now!

Burn with AERIALS Wednesday, 11 March 2015 00:09 by madseason
Aerials - Burn Burn Burn

Here's one of my favourite new bands, Australian prog/post-rockers Aerials, with their brand-new single "Burn Burn Burn", "a cathartic stomper channeling the grandeur of Arcade Fire and the fury of System Of A Down", quoting from press release.

The song, produced by guitar player Tristan Chu, was engineered by Michael Smallman at Gasworks Studios, mixed by Tim Baker and mastered by Dave Neil. Check it out on SoundCloud now and, if you're in Australia towards the end of this month, check the band live on the Burn Burn Burn Tour.

"Burn Burn Burn", as well as "Symptoms" (released last October) will be featured on Aerials sophomore EP, due winter 2015.

Symptoms of AERIALS Monday, 27 October 2014 20:46 by madseason
Aerials - Symptoms

One of my favourite bands from Australia, Brisbane's Aerialsare back with a brand new track called "Symptoms", the first single from the forthcoming sophomore EP.

"Symptoms", produced by guitar player Tristan Chu, is an excellent post/synth rock song with Joy Division/New Order influences.   The new single is available as a free download on Aerials' BandCamp page, together with a nice bonus track (the Sleepmakeswaves remix of debut EP's titletrack "Firefights"). Go get it now!

AERIALS: Firefights Tuesday, 23 April 2013 22:37 by madseason
aerials - firefights

"Firefights" is the lead single off Australian post/synth rockers Aerials debut EP with the same name. This Brisbane band is one of my favourite new acts from downunder: understand why watching the "Firefights" video, filmed, directed and edited by Rick Clifford, here.

The "Firefights" EP was produced by Tristan Chu and mixed by Forrester Savell. It will be released on May 1 digitally, on CD and Vinyl through MGM Distribution. Don't miss it!

Patient Parades: AERIALS new video Tuesday, 6 November 2012 00:41 by madseason

Brisbane melodic anthemic post-rockers Aerials present their brand new video for the new single "Patient Parades", a track that reflects the band's more experimental influences such as Radiohead and Massive Attack. Watch it now clicking on the image on the left.

Talking of videos, here you can find the links to watch Aerials' previous clips for their debut single "Silhouettes" and for the second one, "Black & Blue".

Enjoy one of the most promising Australian bands.

Rising stars: AERIALS Thursday, 19 July 2012 00:21 by madseason

Aerials  are a Brisbane-based three-piece that channel post-rock bliss with infectious melodies to create anthems of cinematic proportions. While doing their damnedest to avoid pigeons and holes, modern alternative acts like Muse and Interpol have popped up in the appraisals of passers-by (thank you official bio, I couldn't have said it better).

Here you can watch the video for their debut single "Silhouettes"; clicking on the image on the left you can catch the just released video for the new single "Black & Blue". Enjoy one of the most promising Australian bands.