BACK BAR ANGEL debut EP Wednesday, 20 August 2014 15:30 by madseason
Back Bar Angel

Back Bar Angel is an interesting pop-rock duo formed during the Winter of last year. It's comprised of Seattle singer-songwriter Kate Lynne Logan and producer/songwriter Kenny Scott, that some of you may remember as part of the brilliant L.A. melodic rockers Swirl 360.

Back Bar Angel debuted two weeks ago with a 4-track EP released through 18Below Music, which you can stream on Spotify. Also, check the lyric video for the slow and countrysh song "Tell It To My Heart" here.

Rising stars: NEW CITY KINGS Monday, 18 August 2014 21:20 by madseason
New City Kings - Giving Up

New City Kings are a young alternative rock band based in Brentwood/Chelmsford in Essex, UK. They have self-released the 4-track EP "Change" last February via their own independent label Bam Records (check the video for the title-track here).

A few days ago the English group debuted a video for their brand new song "Giving Up": watch it now clicking on the frame on the left.

New City Kings has been compared to such diverse acts as Twin Atlantic, The Killers, Deaf Havana, The Gaslight Anthem, John Mayer and Josh Record. So if these names sounds good to you, check this promising band out.

Midnight Cinema - Edge Of The Earth

A year ago I introduced my readers to Midnight Cinema, a brilliant outfit risen from the ashes of Gold selling Californian band Thriving Ivory.

After last year's promising EP, Midnight Cinema are now ready to debut their first full-length album; it's titled "Lightning In A Bottle" and will be released next August 26, heralded by a brand new video for the song "Edge Of The Earth": watch it now clicking on the image on the left.

"Lightning In A Bottle" was written, recorded and produced by the band from front to back, something they'd never done before: "Working in the studio is something that we've always loved doing. We've learned so much over the years, working alongside some amazing artists and producers. We thought that making our own record was something that we would like to try" says guitarist Drew Cribley.

You can preorder the album right now through iTunes. For more information and event details, visit Midnight Cinema official website.

ELIOT SUMNER debuts Information Thursday, 14 August 2014 15:37 by madseason

I Blame Coco's frontwoman/songwriter Eliot Sumner (daughter of Sting and sister of Fiction Plane's singer Joseph Sumner) released last week the first EP under her name.

It's titled "Information" (Universal Island Records) and features a more mature, darker and deeper sound than what Eliot used to deliver with IBC, whilst keeping her wave roots.

"Information" is one of the best EP of the year so far: watch the intriguing noirish video for the first single/titletrack clicking on the image above and listen to the whole EP on SoundCloud.

GRANT NICHOLAS debut solo is out now Tuesday, 12 August 2014 21:43 by madseason
Grant Nicholas - Yorktown Heights

A couple of months ago I reported that Grant Nicholas, songwriter and frontman of the mighty Feeder, was about to release his first solo album "Yorktown Heights" on August 11 via Popping Candy Records.

Well, it was released indeed, and if you head over to Grant's Vevo page, you'll find a music video to accompany every single track on this wonderful record.

"Yorktown Heights" is available to download via iTunes in an extended 15-track sequence that comes with some additional extras: 4 acoustic tracks recorded at Grant's home studio, the "Soul Mates" music video and an exclusive digital booklet documenting the time recording the album. Check out this video taking you through the features of the "Yorktown Heights" iTunes LP.

The Apocalypse according to SLEEPERSTAR Monday, 11 August 2014 23:55 by madseason
Sleeperstar - Apocalypse

Today Texan alternative rock band Sleeperstar unveiled their brand new music video: it's for the song "Apocalypse", the first official single from their second full length album "Lost Machines".

The new record was recorded in Nashville with producer Dustin Burnett (The Nearly Deads, Jimmy Needham, Rush Of Fools) and will be released next October 15 on Duckpin Records.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video for "Apocalypse" clicking on the image above.

Quietdrive - The Ghost Of What You Used To Be

Minneapolis powerpop band Quietdrive released their fifth full-length studio album last July 9 in Japan through Twilight Records. It's titled "The Ghost Of What You Used To Be" and is the first one featuring new guitar player Brady Trudeau.

Among the twelve tracks of the record, we can find "Every Day", included in the US version of "Up Or Down" and the more recent "Even When I'm Gone", a beautiful song released last year as a tribute to children who have lost their lives to cancer.

A release date for US and other markets will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

Zebra & Giraffe - I've Been Bad

Amazing South African alternative rockers Zebra & Giraffe released a couple of days ago the official music video for "I've Been Bad". Watch it now clicking on the frame on the left.

"I've Been Bad" is the first single off "Knuckles", the band's upcoming fourth full-length studio album, and was produced by Darryl Torr & Shy and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Shakira).