CHARMING LIARS make you Burn Saturday, 2 May 2015 23:49 by madseason
Charming Liars - Burn

Charming Liars is a promising British/American rock band, based in Los Angeles, California. Originally founded by lead vocalist, Charlie Cosser, guitarist, Karnig Manoukian, and bassist, Mike Kruger, in London, England.

The band landed a recording contract, earned a chance to work along side two of the most influential producers of the past quarter century -John Fields and Canada's Bob Rock, and released two EPs, New Disorder in 2013 and We Won't Give Up in 2014.

Charming Liars have a new, addictive song out named Burn. It's the first single from the upcoming third EP: watch the video now clicking on the image.

A bright New Year with A SILENT FILM Thursday, 30 April 2015 22:47 by madseason
A Silent Film

Great news for A Silent Film fans, as the Oxford, UK duo released a new EP last week. The follow-up to Sand & Snow -one of the best albums of 2012- is called New Year and features 4 new tracks, including the new single Tomorrow.

New Year was recorded by the band in a rustic studio on a pecan farm just outside El Paso, Texas, with Matt Wilcox (Lovlier Other) co-producing the EP and The City That Sleeps producer Sam Williams (Supergrass, People In Planes, Kula Shaker) handling the mixing job.
Stream the whole EP on SoundCloud now clicking on the image on the left.

For fans of: Snow Patrol, The Killers, Keane, Imagine Dragons, U2, Muse

Spin ROMEO'S DAUGHTER new album Tuesday, 28 April 2015 22:50 by madseason
Romeo's Daughter - Touch

Spin is the fourth album for Romeo's Daughter, the English band fronted by the fantastic Leigh Matty, one of the best female rock voice ever.
Spin is a truly amazing record, a fresh take on a classic melodic rock sound that sounds convincing and highly entertaining. If a contemporary, no thrills version of Patty Smyth's Scandal, Heart and even Fleetwood Mac could be of your interest, welcome Spin in your collection.

Spin was released last week, on April 20, via RD Records/Cargo Records. Sample the album here and watch the video for the first single Touch clicking on the image on the left.

BIRDS OF TOKYO reveal new EP Anchor Sunday, 26 April 2015 21:45 by madseason
Birds Of Tokyo - Anchor

Brilliant Australian alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo have just released a brand new 4-track EP titled Anchor.

The band presented the mini-album with these words: "We hope you enjoy this little experiment. There's going to be some unrecognisable Birds of Tokyo sounds on here. We spent a lot of time looking outwards trying to challenge what inspired us. There's some hip hop elements that we've never explored before. There's some vocal effects that made Kenny sound like he's from another galaxy. But it's all in the name of art and exploration. There's always a purpose to it. Anchor is our first single, but given the experimental nature of this EP, it's not an indicator of material at all. Each song lives on a different world to the other. That's what makes it interesting. We encourage you try to visualise these worlds when you listen. If you were hoping for more than just an EP don't despair, there's more coming. This is just the beginning."

Stream the Anchor EP on Spotify now clicking on the image above.

SLANT: creating hope Friday, 24 April 2015 22:35 by madseason
Slant - Drowning

Hope Created is the third album for Slant, a post-grunge/hard rock band with members coming from various cultural backgrounds and life experiences that influence their unique form of rock.
Mix together cultures from Bangladesh, Mexico and America then add musical inspiration from Tool, Seether, Deftones and Nirvana: the result is Slant.

Hope Created was produced by Brad Dujmovic and released one week ago, on April 17.

Watch the lyric video for the first single Drowning clicking on the image on the left.

Rising stars: MYLETS Wednesday, 22 April 2015 23:37 by madseason
Mylets - Arizona

Under the moniker Mylets we find Henry Kohen, a young, talented multi-instrumentalist from Columbus, Indiana (but relocated to LA).

Henry at the age of 17 became the youngest artist signed to Sargent House; since then he has established his reputation as an awe-inspiring and agile performer, playing across North America and Europe multiple times over the past couple of years.

Mylets first came to Sargent House's attention with a series of self-released solo EPs, much of which were remastered and compiled on the label's 2013 release Retcon.

Yesterday, April 21, Mylets released Arizona, the real full-length debut, recorded at LA's Kingsize Soundlabs by Sonny DiPerri, who also took care of engineering, mixing and production with Henry.

Arizona is an addictive, original album where an intricated Nine Inch Nails/Faith No More oriented sound is innested on infectious pop structures. Stream the album on BandCamp and discover a great talent on the rise.

The Surface Tension of HIDDEN HOSPITALS Monday, 20 April 2015 22:38 by madseason
Hidden Hospitals - Rose Hips

This is the first time I feature Hidden Hospitals, a very interesting and emotional alternative progressive rock band from Chicago, Illinois.
After releasing two EPs (originally named EP 001 and EP 002) in 2011 and 2012, the American act debuted on the full-length distance a few weeks ago (on March 24) with Surface Tension.

In an interview for the band's Kickstarter campaign (which sparked the production of Surface Tension) singer David Raymond states "A big part of why Hidden Hospitals exists is because the four of us have collectively agreed that what we seek is outside of ourselves and worth striving for… It's exciting to me because this feels like the beginning."

Produced and mixed by J. Hall, the album features the single Rose Hips, whose video, directed by Jaret Ferratusco, can be watched clicking on the image. And ifyou want to dig further in the sound of Hidden Hospitals, stream (and buy!) Surface Tension on BandCamp.

Believe in MANIC BLOOM Saturday, 18 April 2015 22:53 by madseason
Manic Bloom, I Know What's Next...But You Won't Believe Me

The best to-be-released record of 2014, I Know What's Next...But You Won't Believe Me, is an album that fans of Manic Bloom have been waiting for three years. But the wait is finally over.
IKWNBYWBM was released the day before yesterday, April 16, on Brinklebrand Records, and is an energetic, epic, synth-driven melodic rock opus of the highest order, with not a song to be missed.

Stream Nashville's Music City Mayhem Best Rock Band of 2011's second full-length album on the band's SoundCloud page now and buy the record on iTunes soon after.