Fever & Chills: the POWERKOMPANY effect Tuesday, 9 February 2016 22:47 by madseason
Powerkompany - Can't Cry

Indie/synth pop duo from Athens, GE, Powerkompany, featuring wife and husband Marie Davon and Andrew Heaton, has just released its second full-length album Fever & Chills.

Fever & Chills is a "two discs" record, where the songs are separated into two different moods, one upbeat disc and one chill and slow disc.

The album was produced by Andrew and independently released by the duo last week. It's influenced by the more artsy synth pop of the eighties and is a must for fans of Goldfrapp, Kate Bush, Florence + The Machine and Radiohead.

Watch the video for the new single Can't Cry clicking on the image and stream the whole record on SoundCloud now.

Drawing North - Fire Eyes

Drawing North is a much promising alternative pop-rock band from Canberra, Australia. They've just released their new addictive single Fire Eyes: stream it now on SoundCloud clicking on the image.
"The song was written about a strong relationship and one half being burned by betrayal. The lyric and title, Fire Eyes, was taken as a reflection of the intensity of the relationship and the betrayal that followed. Being through a few tough break ups we wanted to tell a story about the intensity that surrounds cheating and betrayal" said the band about the new single.

The Australian 5-piece - Michel Pogson on vocals, Ethan Sharp on guitars, Chad Barnier on guitars, Jake Allen on bass, Drew Southwell on drums - signed in December with Universal Music Australia and are recording their debut album, El Dorado in Florida with producer James Wisner (Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy Is...).

El Dorado will much likely include all the Drawing North's singles released so far: Forevermore, Only You, Ars Amatoria and the aforementioned Fire Eyes. Go check 'em out!

WATER DISTRICT unleash new single/video Thursday, 4 February 2016 22:17 by madseason
Water District - Come Down

Come Down is the new single from indie rock band Water District. It's a song originally included in the Water District EP released one year ago and, if you're a fan of 90's alternative rock influenced music, you will love it.

Lyric-wise, Come Down depicts the phase of a relationship when the honeymoon phase is over and the writing is on the wall.

Check the brand-new video for Come Down clicking on the image and read more info on Water District and their self-titled EP on my previous post.

A Souvenir from POP ETC Tuesday, 2 February 2016 22:50 by madseason
POP ETC - What Am I Becoming?

Berkeley-born and Brooklyn-based trio POP ETC released their sophomore album Souvenir last Friday, January 29.

If a modern version of the synth-oriented powerpop of the eighties (a la The Cars, Berlin, Alphaville) makes you drool, then check this album out.

"We decided to take our time with Souvenir, making a promise to ourselves that we wouldn't release anything until all three of us felt like we had put every ounce of our hearts and souls into it" said the band, adding "It is a very personal record for us, at times about frustration and loss, but ultimately about realizing and embracing how unpredictable life can be in all its beautifully messy glory. We hope you enjoy it, and we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, new fans and old, for supporting us and giving us the incredible opportunity to make music every day."

Watch the video for the leading single What Am I Becoming? clicking on the image and stream this catchy record on SoundCloud.

Get to know the COASTS of Bristol Saturday, 30 January 2016 21:45 by madseason
Coasts - You

Coasts is an English arena pop-rock band formed in Bristol in 2011. After several extensive tours across the UK and Europe, the band signed a record deal in the UK with Warner Music and with Capitol Records in the USA, in late 2014, and released the succesful singles A Rush Of BloodOceans and Modern Love.

Coasts self-titled debut full-length album was released last week: "After many, many years hard work it is unbelievable to think our album is finally coming out tomorrow! We just want to say thank you to everyone has supported us so far, we couldn't have done it without you" were the first words of the band just before the release of the record.

Watch the video for You, the new single off Coasts clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.

ELIOT SUMNER: good news from Information Thursday, 28 January 2016 23:55 by madseason
Eliot Sumner - Information

One of the first great albums of the year is Information, the debut full-length album as a solo artist by ex-I Blame Coco's frontwoman/songwriter Eliot Sumner, a record I was eagerly anticipating.

As previously reported, Information was released on January 22 on Island Records and is a gem for lovers of music that combines mature, deep pop-rock with a modern synth wave sound.

Eliot presented the album with this words: "I started writing songs again in 2010 in search of creating music that I wanted to listen to. When I met Duncan Mills who produced the album we bonded over our love for the Krautrock movement and agreed to take this approach to making a record. Motoric rhythms and "wall of sound" was our mission statement. Along with "you are a robot, you have no feeling", "Jazz be gone", these became matras in the studio, leaving all the feeling and human element to the vocals. My favourite track on the album is Dead Arms and Dead Legs. It's lyrically my favourite and the outro still gets me. I really love this album and thats enough for me."

I already featured the various singles (and videos) included in the album, so now it's time to stream the whole affair on Spotify. Enjoy!

GRIZFOLK: Waking Up The Giants Tuesday, 26 January 2016 22:35 by madseason
Grizfolk - Troublemaker

Grizfolk is a Californian alternative band that combines indie rock, folk and synth-pop into a sound with an own identity.

After releasing the digital-only EP Indian Summer in 2013 and the 4-track EP From The Spark in March last year, Grizfolk released their strong debut full-length album titled Waking Up The Giants through Virgin Records last January 15.

The LP, self-produced by the band, features the anthemic hit single Troublemaker: watch the video now clicking on the image.

Devour The Day - S.O.A.R.

Great American modern heavy rock band Devour The Day, featuring former Egypt Central members Joey "Chicago" Walser (bass, backing vocals, songwriter) and Blake Allison (lead vocals, guitar), will release its sophomore release S.O.A.R. (an acronym for Suffer, Overcome And Recover" on April 1 on the Razor & Tie label.

The new album was produced by Dan Korneff (Pierce The Veil, Crown The Empire, Cavo) and features 10 tracks, including the brand new captivating single Lightning In The Sky, written by Allison and Walser, along with songwriter/producer Dave Katz (Train, David Cook, Coheed and Cambria) and Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano: stream the song now here and buy it on iTunes.

A quick note on the cover of S.O.A.R.: it's ok, but I'm missing Dmitry Ligay's fantastic pieces of art of DTD previous releases.