BLEEKER drive you on the Erase You Highway giovedì, 22 dicembre 2016 17:34 by madseason
Bleeker - Highway

Bleeker, previously known as Bleeker Ridge, are an alternative rock trio from Toronto, Canada.
The first release with the new name was the self-titled EP from last March. The EP features the anthemic single Highway, a song that granted the band widespread recognition (watch the video clicking on the image).

October 21 saw the release of Bleeker's debut full-length album, titled Erase You, on the Five Seven Music label, the alternative/indie sub-label under The Eleven Seven Music Group (home for Sixx:A.M., Papa Roach and Buckcherry, among the many others).
The LP includes all the songs from the EP and 6 brand new compositions.

Soundwise, Bleeker's straight rock with blues and garage pop rock traces and big melodic hooks, invoke names like Royal Blood, The Black Keys and Jet. So, if these bands are in your collection, stream the awesome Erase You on Spotify now!

Rising stars: THE SLEEPING SOUNDS lunedì, 19 dicembre 2016 18:09 by madseason
The Sleeping Sounds - Figure It Out

Time to talk a little about The Sleeping Sounds, a pretty new indie-pop trio from Cleveland that has recently released its debut single and video Figure It Out.

Figure It Out is an amazing track that combines indie pop rock and soul in an extremely fashionable way.

"The song is based completely on a true story of a girl I had dated who had went completely down the wrong path," says guitarist Anthony Lauletta. "She lived a life haunted by addiction and anxiety, making all of the wrong decisions in hopes she would become somebody. While her story's a bit extreme, the girl in this song could be anyone… at one point or another, we've all walked the line of having a big ego, but low self-worth. We've all felt that discontent."

Watch the video for Figure It Out clicking on the image and expect news about The Sleeping Sounds soon.

BLACK LAB welcome you in A New World venerdì, 16 dicembre 2016 18:27 by madseason
Black Lab - A New World

You know that Californian Black Lab are one of my my favorite independent rock bands, so I'm very happy to report that they have a brand new studio album out.

It's the sixth of their career and is titled A New World. Fusing the electronic spine of their recent works with the searing rock of the first three albums, Black Lab has taken two years of tragedy and joy and exploded it into something transcendent, a testimony to the cleansing power of loss, redemption, and rock and roll.

The words of Paul Durham about A New World: "Years of blood, sweat, gin, joy, struggle and transcendence -- tears and much unseemly laughter, crashed cars and inscrutable dreams, the death of a lover and the discovery of love, hallucinogens and unimagined ghosts. This is the record of a past we can't forget and a future we can't wait to see, one we want so much for you to hear. this is a A New World."

Buy the album on the band's website or on iTunes and stream it on BandCamp clicking on the image.

LIO NICOL: a new indie-pop talent on the rise mercoledì, 14 dicembre 2016 22:59 by madseason
Lio Nicol - Blame

This is my very first "encounter" with Lio Nicol, an indie-pop songwriter and performer from Missoula, Montana, that relocated to California in 2010 to pursue a career in music.

A talented pianist and guitarist, Lio Nicol has found her greatest passion lies within songwriting. Inspired by the legendary Diane Warren, Nicol's songwriting is a reflection of her thoughts, heartbreak, and love.

Her powerhouse vocals and captivating indie-pop melodies have led to her being described as an early Mariah Carey meets Florence + The Machine.
Lio Nicol has toured and recorded with some of the industry's top musicians as well as Grammy award-winning producers. She has performed all over North America in a variety of concerts including the Dragon Boat Festival, Durango Expo, House of Blues San Diego, The Mint in Los Angeles and many others. Music fans have recognized her 5-octave range and impressive stage presence and continue to come back to her shows again and again.

Lio Nicol released her first single, Blame, a couple of weeks ago: it's a moving pop anthem, deep and catchy at the same time, that elucidates what it is to realize it's time to let go. The track finds the singer in her most vulnerable state as she details the confusion and pain felt during a one-sided breakup. Lio Nicol purposely writes storytelling lyrics that are open to interpretation so her listeners can decide for themselves what the songs are about. "I don't ever like to say too much about a song because I want people to feel exactly how they need to at the time of listening to it."

Produced by Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios, Blame is the first single off of her debut EP, 1, due out in early 2017.

Blame is available on iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify, so go check this little jewel out now.

CIVILIAN: empathy in music lunedì, 12 dicembre 2016 17:25 by madseason
Civilian - Live At NoiseTrade

Civilian is a Nashville based indie rock band with an intricately melodic and immediately captivating sound that can appeal to fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Cold War Kids, Manchester Orchestra and Further Seems Forever.

They released their second full-length album You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs last October 21 on Tooth & Nail Records, a record that is both a bold declaration from, and rebirth for, songwriter Ryan Alexander: stream it now on Spotify.

Civilian have recently partnered with NoiseTrade to release their exclusive live performance recordings at Studio EM2. Featuring five new videos and songs off Civilian's debut record and YWBWPC, Live At NoiseTrade captures an intimate look at the band. With each live track, frontman Ryan Alexander digs deeper into his lyrical prowess to explain his love for the environment, the importance of community, and the significance of empathy for others.
Get the live album and check the live videos clicking on the image.

SOFT CYANIDE, the solo effort of Devin Barrus venerdì, 9 dicembre 2016 16:59 by madseason
Soft Cyanide on YouTube

Soft Cyanide is the solo effort of singer/songwriter Devin Barrus. Known for his heavyweight rock vocal style in Former Tides, the singer set out to write, record, and release his own music in a pop based market.

Influenced by such bands as Keane, PVRIS, Anberlin, Depeche Mode, Copeland, Paramore, The 1975, Soft Cyanide blends electronic sampling, synthesizers, infectious pop melodies and clean guitar leads to create a personal sound.

Soft Cyanide should have debuted last November 18 with an independently released EP but, following the overwhelming response to the songs showcased so far, Devin decided to put out this EP in a much more effective and marketable strategy to reach further than just his fanbase.

I will keep you updated on this matter, meanwhile stream the 4 singles available on SoundCloud or Spotify and check the videos released so far clicking on the image.

Burn This Place: the return of VEX RED mercoledì, 7 dicembre 2016 17:34 by madseason
Vex Red - Burn This Place

Do you remember Vex Red? They were a British electronic alternative rock band from the Surrey and Hampshire that released their first, and so far the only, album 14 years ago.

Titled Start With A Strong And Persistent Desire, the record hit the UK record stores in March 2002 via Virgin Records. After litigating their way off the label in late 2002, Vex Red disbanded and the members were involved in other projects.

The band reunited in 2016, announcing that they would be playing shows and making new music with the same players as 2002, except for new drummer Dave Neale (ex-member of Rooster and Death In Vegas).

The first song/single released by the band after their return is Burn This Place, a brillant electro-rock track that you can download from iTunes now.

The band worked on a video clip to go along with the song; it was released two days ago, on December 5, at the same time of the single: watch it clicking on the image.

Finding El Dorado in Oz: DRAWING NORTH lunedì, 5 dicembre 2016 21:18 by madseason
Drawing North - Boys Of Summer

I'm a little late on this, however... here it is: El Dorado is the title of the debut album from Drawing North, a talented alternative pop-rock band from Canberra, Australia, influenced by the likes of OneRepublic, 30 Seconds To Mars, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons.

El Dorado was produced by James Wisner (Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy Is...) and released a couple of months ago, on September 30, via Vienna People Records / Universal Music Australia.

"El Dorado is an accumulation of songs written about our experience as a band as well as personal struggles and triumphs. Through this album we believe it has allowed us to finally find a vision for our musical style and we hope it can connect with people in all walks of life as much as it has with us" said singer Michel "Po" Pogson about the album.

El Dorado includes the singles ForevermoreOnly YouArs Amatoria, Fire Eyes and Save Your Love. Stream the whole LP on Spotify and discover one of the most addictive and smart pop album of the year.

Drawing North have also recently done an original sounding cover of Don Henley's super-classic Boys Of Summer: watch the video clicking on the image.