ROYAL TEETH: Professionaly Amateurs venerdì, 18 novembre 2016 16:05 by madseason
Royal Teeth - Amateurs

Royal Teeth is an American indie pop band from formed in 2010. They released their debut EP Act Naturally in 2011 and debut LP Glow in 2013. The full-length record featured the hit Wild, a spirited anthem driven by the sparkling vocal chemistry between singers Nora Patterson and Gary Larsen, that propelled the band to multiple TV, film, commercials, ads and video game placements, guest appearances on Last Call with Carson Daly and American Idol (at the personal invitation of fellow Louisiana native Harry Connick, Jr.) and slots at festivals, including Austin City Limits, and SXSW,.

Royal Teeth's new EP is released today, November 18, on Round Hill Records. It is called Amateurs, despite the fact that, after five years, three cities, two albums, various personnel changes, and hundreds of days on the road, the Louisiana quartet is definitely an ensemble of well-seasoned pros. The title is a literal etymological reading of the word: the French amateur from the Latin verb "to love", applied in this case as a mission statement and a reminder of why they do what they do.

Both the sounds and the overarching themes on Amateurs are tougher, more mature and more surehanded than Royal Teeth's previous outings. They play like a band that's honed itself down to its core chemistry, musicians who know what they want to do and how to do it. But they also play with pure joy, ease, and love of what they're doing - like amateurs.​

Anthemic indie pop lovers and everybody with a spot on a feel-good melody, should stream Amateurs on SoundCloud or on Spotify now.

In The Middle: the new EP from MONA mercoledì, 16 novembre 2016 16:14 by madseason
Mona - In The Middle

Mona, the alternative rock five-piece from Nashville, released their new EP In The Middle last October 28 on their new label Bright Antenna Records.

This is the band's first set of music in 2 years. They've seen a lot in just a few years and have emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh and vibrant set of newly penned songs that may well be the best of their career.

"We have always been a tight knit group, but the vibe is the best it's been and we are looking forward to bringing these songs to the public," says front man Nick Brown. "Very few things matter in this world, and we think music is one of them."

Nick handled the production duties of the new EP, with knobs-superstar Mark Needham helping with the mixing.

So, if you still haven't listened to In The Middle, click on the image and stream it now on Spotify.

Chit Chatting about the BEACH WEATHER lunedì, 14 novembre 2016 21:45 by madseason
Beach Weather - Chit Chat

Chit Chat is the title of American trio Beach Weather's second EP, released last November 4 on LAB Records.

The follow up to last year's What A Drag was produced by Alex and Sean Silverman and features 6 brand new tracks, including the singles Someone's Disaster and Chit Chat (watch the video for the latter clicking on the image). 

The creation of Chit Chat saw a different approach from the band's first EP. This time around, the band was in and out of the studio over the course of the last year, slowly adding bits and pieces of music. As a result, the sound of the final product encapsulates the natural growth and progression of the band.

Chit Chat is an awesome EP where today's indie pop rock mixes the psychedelic powerpop of the 60's and the synthpop of the 80's. All the 6 songs are extremely catchy and brilliantly delivered by vocalist/guitarist Nick Santino (ex-A Rocket To The Moon) and his mates Austin Scates (drums) and Reeve Powers (bass).

Stream Chit Chat on Spotify now and discover your new favorite indie-pop band.

THE SMALLEST CREATURE: one in a Million venerdì, 11 novembre 2016 21:30 by madseason
The smallest Creature - High Low You

Do you remember my post about The smallest Creature from last August?
I covered their brilliant singles Reboot and Copenhagen and told you those tracks were to be featured on an upcoming full album.

Well, that album's arrived! It's titled Million and will be independently released next week on November 18.
In addition, the band put the album on their site and on Bandcamp a week before its official release, so you can stream it now!

And, if this is not enough, clicking on the image you can watch the brand new video for the first song on the album, titled High Low You.

If you liked TsC's previous singles, Million's going to be an easy winner for you: we're talking of 11 tracks of high quality alternative rock, with charming atmospheres and captivating melodies.

Kudos to these 3 cypriots for delivering one of the best independent album of the year!

The mighty return of SAFETYSUIT mercoledì, 9 novembre 2016 21:36 by madseason
SafetySuit - Numbers Or Faith (Lyric)

Melodic alternative pop-rockers SafetySuit from Nashville, TN, are back with a new full-length album, the third of their career, 4 years after These Times.

The new record is simply titled SafetySuit, as to mark a brand new beginning, and was released last Friday, November 4, on Arena Complex Records.

Though some time has passed since the release of their debut album in 2008 (the beautiful Life Left To Go), SafetySuit haven't lost an inch of their sense for a good melody and a catchy hook.

Take as example the groovy This City, the extremely catchy leading single Looking Up, the hope-filled Numbers Or Faith (watch the lyric video clicking on the image) or the soaring synth-pop of Pause... well, I could go on citing all the songs of this bold release, as there ain't a bad track on sight. So you better sample the new album on Spotify and enjoy the return of an amazing act.

The heartfelt rock of Jeff Gutt and RIVAL CITY lunedì, 7 novembre 2016 22:59 by madseason
Rival City - Fading Out

You my have already heard of Jeff Gutt, as he has appeared in two seasons of the American reality television series The X Factor. Jeff finished in second place in 2013 and in 2014 was dubbed as one of the most 'influential' X Factor USA contestants of all-time by FoxWeekly.

Jeff is also known as the former lead vocalist of the nu metal band Dry Cell and for playing in variuos minor acts in the Detroit area, where he is from.

Rival City (initially named Rival City Heights) are Jeff's new creature; with him in the band we can find ex-Evanescence's Will Hunt on drums, ex-Filter, Device Gene Lenardo on guitar and KC Jenkins on bass.

The first release of the band as Rival City is the Kevin Churko (Ozzy, Slash, Papa Roach) produced double single Fading Out / What's Going On, the latter a cover of the classic Marvin Gaye track.

"I'm beyond excited to finally be putting out the music we have worked on for over a year," Gutt said. "Fading Out is one of the first songs we wrote and I can't wait to hear what the song means to our fans.

Fading Out is an awesome, heartfelt, alternative melodic rock track a la The Calling/Lifehouse: stream it clicking on the image and check What's Going On following this link.

Birds Of Tokyo - Empire

One of my favourite bands from down-under, the alternative rockers Birds Of Tokyo, is releasing its new studio album today, November 4.

It's titled Brace, it's out via Universal Music Australia and was produced by Dave Bottrill (Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Muse, Placebo, Rush).

This is what the band is saying to their followers about the new release: "Brace is out today. We hope you find some things in it that strike a chord. Lots of these ideas are close to our hearts and as YOU... our friends and peers are probably feeling too… the world could be better right now. So let's get a beer, throw around some air guitar and try work this out!"

Brace is darker, heavier and more intense than BOT's previous releases: "The whole reason we've written this record is to play it live. We have a lighting and visual show like nothing we've done before, so come see what we are talking about!"

The band is taking the new record on the road for a bunch of Australian tour dates in November and December, so if you there do yourself a favour and go see Birds Of Tokyo live.

Meanwhile watch the video for the new single Empire clicking on the image and buy/stream Brace following this link.

Soon-to-be-stars NIGHT RIOTS' debut LP mercoledì, 2 novembre 2016 21:45 by madseason
Night Riots - Love Gloom

Californian alternative/electro rock band Night Riots (formerly known as PK), released their debut full-length Love Gloom album last October 21 on Sumerian Records.

The band recorded Love Gloom at the legendary Sunset Studios in Hollywood, where they worked with multi-Grammy award winning producer and engineer Joe Chiccarelli in the same room that Led Zeppelin recorded A Whola Lotta Love and Toto recorded Africa. "It was pretty inspiring to come in each day, walk through a hall of gold records and see pictures of Jim Morrison sitting at the console where we mixed" said singer Travis Hawley.

I already praised this band before, and if you like strong, anthemic, synth-laden rock songs with hints of The Killers and The Cure, check Night Riots, a band soon to be huge!

Watch the official video for the lead single Nothing Personal here and stream the whole Love Gloom on Spotify now.