TWIN WILD Control new EP venerdì, 7 luglio 2017 21:48 by madseason
Twin Wild

I already featured Control the single, Control the video, and now is the time of Control the EP, the new release from Twin Wild, the four-piece alternative pop-rock band from London.

The Control EP was released last June 9 and features the title-track plus two new tracks, namely Suburban Dreams and Aqua.

Stream Control on Spotify and keep on supporting this awesome British act.

BETA STATE LMK: the video mercoledì, 5 luglio 2017 21:12 by madseason
Beta State - LMK

Beta State has just released the official music video for their new single LMK. Watch the Adrian Robison-directed clip now clicking on the image.

LMK in the band's words: "Our latest release dives deeper and deeper into new territory for us as a band.  As musicians, we felt inspired by new sounds, new samples, new instruments, new production, and new ways of writing music.

Collectively we decided to take this new direction as it felt fresh and exciting. We love trying new things, and we hope you love our new song and continue to follow us on our musical journey.  If you happen to fall in love with LMK the way we did, don't forget to add it to your playlists!"

How You Gonna Stop MATING RITUAL? lunedì, 3 luglio 2017 22:41 by madseason
Mating Ritual - Thief

Mating Ritual's Ryan Marshall Lawhon is a journeyman who can't sit still. Relocating up and down the west coast twice a year until he was 18, the producer-songwriter has become accustomed to change; the very opposite of a "creature of habit".
His restless need to be on the move is a driving force in the creation of his music. Driven to push the boundaries of "Alternative" songwriting and production, he continues to release complex yet catchy songs that question the traditional ideals of genre classification.

After the hiatus of his prior band Pacific Air, Ryan cranked up his songwriting prolificacy and found immense freedom in the world of independent recording. Uninhibited by appeasing an ideal or genre, Ryan began recording what he calls Post-Genre-Pop under the alias Mating Ritual.

After topping the Spotify viral charts, dozens of tv placements and grabbing the Zane Lowe stamp of approval with his self titled EP, Mating Ritual released his debut album How You Gonna Stop It? via his own label, Smooth Jaws, last June 9.

Watch the lyric video for the single Thief clicking on the image and stream the whole album on Spotify.

The Revenge Of THE NEARLY DEADS sabato, 1 luglio 2017 20:46 by madseason
The Nearly Deads - Diamond In The Rough

Nashville rock band The Nearly Deads has released a brand new 6-song EP, Revenge Of The Nearly Deads, last May 26.

With the new EP, The Nearly Deads are going back to their roots with a more mature, seasoned sound. "We just listened to the fans and took notes" said frontwoman Theresa Jeane, "our biggest songs have been Never Look Back and Fact and Friction, so we wanted to go back to basics in a way."

Revenge Of The Nearly Dead was produced by Jon King, who's working with the band since the very beginning, as a sort of secret 6th member.

Watch the official video for the single Diamond In The Rough clicking on the image and stream the full ep on Spotify.

Trouble In Paradise: new ep for EMERALD PORTAL mercoledì, 28 giugno 2017 23:31 by madseason
Emerald Portal - Trouble In Paradise

A few weeks ago I posted about Los Angeles, indie post-rock duo, Emerald Portal's latest single OneHundredTwenty. I'm happy to report that Trouble In Paradise, the EP featuring OHT, was released last Friday, June 23.

Self produced by the duo, Trouble In Paradise is a stimulating collection of synthesized songs.

Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, masterminds behind Emerald Portal, created a compilation of sonic tracks that surpass traditional music structure. Their technique of bridging the worlds of cinema and music to create an immersive experience is evident in this EP. "The general theme of the album is the dichotomy between city life and the calmness and beauty of nature and contemplating the resulting feelings of the confinements of social norms created from being mice in a cage" explains Ouziel. The eight-track EP transports listeners to another dimension by creating a sense of nature and serenity.

You can download or stream Trouble In Paradise on all digital music platforms worldwide.

PLAN THREE: moving forward to The Otherside lunedì, 26 giugno 2017 21:15 by madseason
Plan Three - The Otherside

Here's the official lyric video for Plan Three's new single The Otherside.

The song was recorded, mixed and produced by the band's drummer Kristoffer Folin for Purple Skull Music and will be included in Plan Three's second full length album coming this Fall.

"The Otherside is a song about how life can change. It's about loss and about trying to reclaim what's been lost, not necessarily by going back but by moving forward" said the band, adding "It is a fine balance between melancholic nostalgia about the past and hopeful optimism for the future. It's something we as band members and friends and also as individuals can relate to. Hopefully anyone else can too!"

For those who still don't know Plan Three, they're a six-piece from Stockholm, Sweden, influenced by the music from the past four decades, ranging from rock and grunge all the way to synth and pop. Their influences reflect in their sound, that moves from heavy riffs and blasting drumbeats to beautiful string arrangements and warped sound effects, accompanied by thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies.

Check The Otherside clicking on the image and stay tuned for more info about the new album.

BORN CAGES are back with a bang venerdì, 23 giugno 2017 21:39 by madseason
Born Cages - Half Asleep

I'm a little late on this, but better late than never, expecially when we're talking of quality music. New York City synth-driven indie pop rock band Born Cages have a new EP out. it's called Exit Signs In A Burning Building and was released last April 7 on Washington Square/Razor & Tie Records.
The mini-album was produced by frontman Vlad Holiday with assistance from Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend, Katie Herzig, The Strokes) and mastering engineer Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, Sia, The Killers).

With Exit Signs... we're talking of a great synth pop EP that mixes Walk The Moon, Arcade Fire and The Killers, with strong songwriting and introspective lyrics: 7 catchy yet non-shallow songs that you will like the first time and love after repeated listenings.

Stream Exit Signs In A Burning Building on Spotify and watch the video for Half Asleep clicking on the image.

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns - The Upside Down

Electro-oriented powerful duo Brighter Than A Thousand Suns released their new EP The Way Out, last June 9.

Angelika Roswell (vocals, drums) and her husband Randy Roswell (guitars, synth, bass, programming) deliver four new tracks of electro-rock/post-hardcore that mark a sort of a restart for them.

"We were both going through a very dark time before working on this EP and it was difficult finding a path out of the struggle" said the duo, adding "We wrote a lot of songs for this release and narrowed it down to these four. These songs were our way out of the darkness."

Watch the video for the single The Upside Down clicking on the image and stream The Way Out on BandCamp or Spotify now.