The magnified sound of THE RAMONA FLOWERS mercoledì, 7 giugno 2017 21:18 by madseason
The Ramona Flowers - If You Remember

Bristol-based indie/synth pop band The Ramona Flowers will release their new EP Magnify on the 21st of July.
After touring extensively throughout 2016 with the likes of White Lies, The Heavy and The Stereophonics and delivering their second album Part Time Spies last Semptember, the band jumped into the studio to lay down 4 new tracks.

One of these songs, the new single If You Remember, dropped last friday, June 2: it's an ultracatchy synth pop/new wave number that could have been written by English band Hurts.

Lyrically, If You Remember "is about two lifelong friends and one of them has hit complete rock bottom. The one friend reminds the other of better times to try to help pick him back up emotionally."

With nearly half a million YouTube views, and over 350 thousand Spotify plays, The Ramona Flowers are quickly gaining domestic and international attention. 2017 will see them hit the road in Europe and Japan fresh from an intimate hometown show in Bristol and what promises to be a very special Glastonbury performance this summer. Meanwhile, listen to If You Remember on SoundCloud clicking on the image.

TWIN WILD: Control, the video lunedì, 5 giugno 2017 21:09 by madseason
Twin Wild - Control

A quick update about Control, the brand new single of alternative/pop rock band Twin Wild: the four-piece from London has released the official video for the song.

As previously reported, Control is a terrific, addictive track that makes me drool for what the band could release next. Watch the video clicking on the image and buy the track on iTunes.

GREEK FIRE: Coming Out Of The Rain sabato, 3 giugno 2017 16:20 by madseason
Greek Fire - Coming Out Of The Rain

Remember Greek Fire, the amazing alternative/pop rock band from St. Louis, Missouri, formed in 2008 by members of Story Of The Year and Maybe Today?

Well, the guys are back with an awesome new single titled Coming Out Of The Rain, the first one off their upcoming new album Broken, to be released later in the year.

Watch the official lyric video for Coming Out Of The Rain clicking on the image and stay tuned for further news about the band and their new full length record.

RAND's Cellophane World mercoledì, 31 maggio 2017 22:05 by madseason
RAND - Cellophane World

Cellophane World is the debut single for Toby Rand's new solo project RAND. It's the first cut off a new album from the L.A. based Australian who over recent years has gathered a swag of international fans via his previous projects including Juke Kartel and Rock Star: Supernova.

From the opening moments of Cellophane World we are drawn into a dark and emotionally raw world. Toby Rand lets us hear the deepest of his thoughts and emotions laid over a symphonically rich rock and roll landscape with swirling electro atmospherics. "It's a battle between a character torn between self-doubt and self-belief" says Rand, "and perhaps in a way this is some of my most honest vocal work as I've tried to create music that is one-hundred-percent who I am as an artist today."

Toby reached out to Grammy winning songwriter/producer Alex Geringas (Kelly Clarkson, Anastacia, Leona Lewis) and award winning mixer, Mark Needham (Blue October, Imagine Dragons, The Killers) to help him craft a new sound for his debut solo album due later in 2017.

Watch the video for Cellophane World clicking on the image and stay tuned for furthur infos on RAND.

LMK: the new territories of BETA STATE lunedì, 29 maggio 2017 21:27 by madseason
Beta State - LMK

Beta State has just released their brand new single LMK last Friday, May 26.

This is another winner for the San Francisco alternative pop rockers: stream it on SoundCloud or Spotify and buy it on iTunes.

LMK in the band's words: "Our latest release dives deeper and deeper into new territory for us as a band.  As musicians, we felt inspired by new sounds, new samples, new instruments, new production, and new ways of writing music.  Collectively we decided to take this new direction as it felt fresh and exciting.  We love trying new things, and we hope you love our new song and continue to follow us on our musical journey.  If you happen to fall in love with LMK the way we did, don't forget to add it to your playlists!"

Emerald Portal - OneHundredTwenty

Los Angeles based duo Emerald Portal is releasing their brand new single OneHundredTwenty today, May 26.

OneHundredTwenty is an electronic-led track with a dreamy atmosphere and indie rock influences. Stream it on SoundCloud clicking on the image and buy it now on iTunes.

Emerald Portal is the brainchild of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade; with much influence from their cinematic backgrounds (a sound designer and writer, respectively), their music delves into worlds of visual and auditory exploration.
OneHundredTwenty and the previous single All The Running will be included in their new EP, Trouble In Paradise, set for release later this year.

The Paper Heart of HUNTER & THE BEAR mercoledì, 24 maggio 2017 21:54 by madseason
Hunter & The Bear - Nickajack

Paper Heart is the title of Hunter & The Bear's debut album, independently released last May 12.

Brought up on a heavy diet of rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, this group from London, UK, is equally inspired by modern bands like Biffy Clyro, War On Drugs and Royal Blood and their debut album offers more than a glimpse of these formidable influences, as well as an insight into what you can expect from their raucous live shows.

Paper Heart is a collection of songs about people. Whether it's those they've met on the road, their friends/family or even themselves, it's an album of songs about the desires, dreams and shortcomings that reside within us all. Hunter & The Bear is a real, organic project –one that's built on pure passion, drive and belief in each other as musicians. With an expansive UK headline tour throughout May and June, as well as a string of festival appearances yet to be announced, why not check out the album and see why Hunter & The Bear are already being pitched as the UK's most promising rock export?

And, if you want to watch some cool videos from Paper Heart, click on the image and start from the latest one, Nickajack.

NIGHT ARGENT set fire to The Fear lunedì, 22 maggio 2017 21:54 by madseason
Night Argent - Dreamcatcher

One of my favourite alternative pop rock band, Night Argent from Pasco, WA, will release their sophomore EP, The Fear, on July 14 via Outerloop Records.

The Fear EP was written and produced by Night Argent, with additional production by John Feldmann (All Time Low, blink-182, Good Charlotte) and Steven Solomon (Sleeping Wolf, Arrows To Athens, Demi Lovato), and mixed and mastered by Brook Floyd at Rainmaker Studios in Pasco.

The EP includes 6 tracks that "showcase the band's diverse, powerful and anthemic sound, which will appeal to fans of arena-friendly alternative rock" according to the press release.

The first single off The Fear is called Dreamcatcher, "the first song we knew without a doubt would be on this record" said band's frontman Chase Manhattan, adding "The message behind the song set the tone for everything we recorded from that point on. It definitely echoes the intensity and energy we felt in the studio while working with John and his team. This record is our war cry. It's a call to the battered, the broken and the tired to rise up and set fire to the fear."

Dreamcatcher is alternative pop rock at its best: check it out clicking on the image now.