MEGAN McDUFFEE: Inner Demons Friday, 21 May 2021 19:26 by madseason
Megan McDuffee - Wicked Thing

Singer/songwriter/musician Megan McDuffee is a full-time independent video game and film composer with an impressive client list ranging from Position Music to Paramount Pictures, and she composes, produces, sings, records, and mixes all of her own work.

Megan makes her debut full-length album with the electropop Inner Demons, released today.

"After hundreds of hours of work, over a year's time, and many cups of tea, I've finally done it. Inner Demons is my debut full-length vocal electropop release as a recording artist. Up until now everything has been for a game/film, client, or a short EP.
This release is huge to me; I've always wanted to release a full vocal album.
It's the culmination of my inner monologues, struggles, desires, and musical soul. This is truly my album, I did absolutely everything in the creation of this release" says Megan about the new release.

Megan McDuffee draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, including Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, IAMX, and 80's film scores.

Inner Demons combines dark, dreamy, moody, gritty, melodic vibes with swirling, electronic textures, pulsing rhythms, impeccable production, and vocals dripping with honey.

Watch the horror-themed music video for Wicked Thing, the leading single off the album, clicking on the image, and stream/download Inner Demons from BandCamp.

ROYAL BLISS: Fire Within Monday, 17 May 2021 21:57 by madseason
Royal Bliss - Fire Within

Following the release of their Top 20 Billboard-charting single Medication, American rock group Royal Bliss is releasing their powerful new track Fire Within via EX1 Records/Explorer1 Music Group.

Serving as an anthem for anyone who has been told "no" and to conform, Fire Within is a rallying cry for everyone to unite and persevere against all odds together.

Keeping in line with the band's knack for creating impactful, unfaltering music that speaks directly to their feverish fans, Fire Within is the anthemic single everyone needs post-2020.

"It's for people who are struggling because they feel like an outcast compared to everybody else" says the band about the new single. "As a band we've been told our dreams are unreachable, but you have to persevere. You have to light that fire within. Over the last year especially, so much has been brought to light -women's rights, LGBTQ+, systemic racism. It's about embracing our differences but knowing we all deserve to be treated equally.

In theme with the unfaltering track, the Fire Within video showcases vivid imagery juxtaposed with the band's empowering lyrics. Check it out clicking on the image.

SAVAGE AFTER MIDNIGHT: Remedy Monday, 19 April 2021 19:53 by madseason
S.A.M. - Remedy

Memphis, TN quintet S.A.M. (aka Savage After Midnight) had a Breakout year in 2019 as their debut EP 11:59 announced their presence to the world with high-profile media attention and accolades across the board. Covid 19 had the band hitting "pause" in 2020, but they are back and continuing their former momentum with a blistering new track Remedy, featuring Asking Alexandria's Danny Warsnop on guest vocals. 

The band's vocalist Shi Eubank says "On Remedy not only did we get to create with producer Andrew Baylis (Bad Omens, Vrsty) and Jayden Panesso of Sylar - but we were able to co-write with my buddy Jack Fowler of Sleeping With Sirens. The song was sounding amazing on its own, but I felt like there was an opportunity to take it a step further. I reached out to another friend and one of my favorite singers Danny Worsnop to feature on the track. What you’re hearing is that melting pot and we hope you enjoy it!"

Worsnop adds "Shi hit me up on short notice about a song he had and thought would be a good fit. I think his songwriting is great and we've been good friends for a while now - this kind of stuff has always been my favorite part of this job. I jumped in my car and drove up there through a huge storm and we just got to work. I think the final results are awesome and was a real testament to when it's right, it's right. Nothing was over thought or overworked, it just flowed naturally and I think that's a big part of why it sounds so good".

Despite the break in 2020, the band hasn't missed a step and Remedy has them firing on all cylinders again. Tour dates are being planned for the 2nd half of the year, with additional singles and an EP now in the works.

Stream/buy Remedy on your favorite digital music service and watch the official video clicking on the image.

ZAYDE WØLF: Holy Water Monday, 12 April 2021 21:03 by madseason
Zayde Wølf - Holy Water

Nashville's Alt. Rock chart topper Zayde Wølf, the musical persona of Grammy nominated producer and songwriter Dustin Burnett, has released the new single Holy Water, one his most powerful songs to date, a bold statement being that his music has yielded over 400 Million streams and has served as the motivational soundtrack for millions of fans, who have found the strength and inspiration to overcome life's toughest challenges in Wølf's music.

Holy Water follows the formula of some of the most memorable songs ever written, being that it manifested quickly, unexpectedly and was a last-minute addition to the album. It was one of those accidental songs that emerged once Burnett released his creative boundaries as he felt the album was finished. "I didn't try to write Holy Water on purpose, it was already in there, a raw and personal moment, just waiting for me to release it," says Burnett.  "Sometimes when you remove all of your boundaries on your creativity, something new, surprising, and even fantastic emerges. I think Holy Water was that for me."

Holy Water, which is featured on Spotify's All New Rock and New Noise playlists, follows up the anti-hero inspired song Madness, that  Indie Obsessive said was filled with "thunderous percussion, backing vocal shouts, and crescendos that contribute to the pandemic-like motivational effect that Madness builds in listeners," and was immediately swooped up for us all throughout the NCAA March Madness tournament by CBS and Turner  Sports.
Back At It, Zayde Wølf's  first taste of the new music this year, was a powerful entry that Apiate called "an energetic pop/rock track that carries the musician's signature electronic-infused style. Zayde's lyrics are reminiscent and uplifting and he delivers the song with infectious exuberance," setting the tone for what 2021 had in store for Zayde Wølf fans, his third full length album Neon Blood Type.
This album follows the 2018 release of Modern Alchemy, Zayde Wølf's sophomore full-length album, which charted in over 25 countries on the iTunes charts and debuted in the top ten on the iTunes Alternative chart in the U.S. within hours of its release.

Neon Blood Type is scheduled to be released next May 7. Meanwhile, stream/buy Holy Water on your favorite digital music service and watch the official video clicking on the image.

DIAMANTE: Ghost Myself Wednesday, 7 April 2021 13:59 by madseason
Diamante - Ghost Myself

It generally takes over a billion years for a diamond to form, and yet in just 24 years, Diamante has really begun to sparkle. With iridescent sapphire hair, a show-stopping voice, runway-ready fashion swagger, and an empowering message, the Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American siren brings a new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music.

Diamante spent her teenage years cutting her teeth at local gigs on the Sunset Strip to become the powerhouse performer she is today. A disciple of both P!nk and Guns N’ Roses who doesn' fall into rockstar excess or even sport tattoos, she devoted every waking minute to honing a signature "hard rock sound with a modern alternative edge." This unique and undeniable approach caught the attention of Better Noise Music who signed her in 2015. She hit the studio with super producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Halestorm, Kelly Clarkson) to record what would become her full-length debut, Coming In Hot. With the release of her first album, Diamante undeniably stormed the scene in 2018 with a #1 song at rock radio (her collaboration of Hear Me Now with Bad Wolves), along with a top 15 song with her own single Haunted.

Now three years later, and after extensive touring with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, and Shinedown… Diamante is in full force shining brighter than ever before. In 2019, Diamante parted ways with Better Noise and soon after teamed up with Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson of Judge & Jury as an independent artist to make her sophomore album, American Dream. Diamante capitalized on her newfound ultimate creative freedom and independence by being her own CEO throughout every facet of the album process.

On working with Benson and Sanderson, Diamante praises that they were instrumental in "bringing my stories to life and pushing me to embrace my vulnerabilities" adding "with American Dream, I was given the ultimate artistic freedom to express my most personal moments, stories, confessions, flaws, fears, hopes, mistakes, desires, vices, heartaches and redemption in a way I have never been able to in the past. Every word on this album is my personal diary screaming in your face. This album has no limitations, restrictions, or filter really. That's why the music video for Ghost Myself - the lead track from the upcoming new album - had to be equally raw and purposely gritty; it's a song about being at war with myself. I knew there would be no better way to show this internal battle than through an underground fight club scene between me, myself, and I."

Watch the video for Ghost Myself clicking on the image and pre-save American Dream, to be released on May 7, following this link.

A KILLER'S CONFESSION: Light To Darkness Tuesday, 6 April 2021 13:47 by madseason
A Killer's Confession - Light To Darkness

A Killer's Confession, the band led by former Mushroomhead vocalist Waylon Reavis has released its brand new single Light To Darkness via Wake Up! Music Rocks (a division of Wake Up! Music).

This is the second song to be released this year and is from the band's highly anticipated third album coming out later this year.

The first single Remember was released on January 27 and the song is currently charting on both the Mediabase and Billboard Active Rock charts. The video has already surpassed 1/2 million views on YouTube and can be seen here.

Formed in 2016 in Cleveland, OH, A Killer's Confession (AKC) is led by vocalist Waylon Reavis and consists of Morgan Bauer (drums), JP Cross (bass), and Tommy Church (guitar).

The debut album from AKC Unbroken was released on May 12, 2017, via EMP Group, the label founded by Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson. The first single, A Killer's Confession, featured Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. After the contract term ended with EMP Group, the band self-released their next three singles (Angel On The Outside, I Wish, and Reanimated) all to critical and commercial acclaim, racking up over 2 million cumulative streams on Spotify.

In 2019, Pepper Gomez, the founder and CEO of Chicago and Miami based Wake Up! Music Group signed A Killer’s Confession. The band's critically acclaimed sophomore album The Indifference Of Good Men was produced by Sahaj Ticotin (vocalist for Ra) in Los Angeles, CA. It included the single Numb, along with the previously self-released singles.

Stream/buy Light To Darkness on your favorite digital music service and watch the official video clicking on the image.

THE GAMA SENNIN: debut album out now Friday, 2 April 2021 21:30 by madseason
The Gama Sennin - The Gama Sennin

Psychedelic rock band The Gama Sennin are releasing their new self-titled album today, Friday April 2nd.

Presented in three movements inspired in part by Brian DePalma’s 1974 classic Phantom Of The Paradise and Nietzsche’s Beyond Good And Evil, The Gama Sennin offers an elaborate 10-song suite of exceptional psychedelic adventurism.

The album seamlessly traverses what frontman Kevin McGuire explains as "the journey into madness, into the darkness, into the descent that is the destruction of your ego" before ultimately arriving at "a new dawn, the push through the darkness to the final shedding of skin to become this better version of [one]self."

The brainchild of McGuire, the California-based band fuses alternative energy, psychedelia, expansive desert grooves, and spaced-out prog into a pulse-pounding, mind-bending original sound.

The Gama Sennin is abetted by John Avila (Oingo Boingo/Mariachi el Bronx) on bass, Adam Maples (Earthlings?/Sea Hags) on drums, Dimitri Coats (OFF!/Burning Brides/Ten Commandos) on guitar, Chris Caswell (Daft Punk/The Muppets) on keyboard, Art Pacheco (Jamaica) as a percussionist and very special guest Dave Catching (Rancho de la Luna/Earthlings?/Queens of the Stone Age).

The album was co-produced by Peter Franco and mixed by Dan Lerner of the Grammy Award winning engineering team from Daft Punk's 2013 release Random Access Memories. Mastered by Ian Shefcheck at Capitol Records, lacquers cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Services,and Pressed at Third Man Pressing.

Check it out clicking on the image.

WAVY TREES: I Wanna Go Out Friday, 26 March 2021 18:00 by madseason
Wavy Trees - I Wanna Go Out

If Wayne's World and Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure collided in an alternate reality House party, Los Angeles based Wavy Trees would be the band playing in the back yard.  The cosmic bartender at this gathering would be mixing swaggering  rock riffs with the attitude and energy of garage-punk, dumping it into a shaker and pouring out a potent cocktail of we-could-give-a-fuck fun.

With the release of debut track I Wanna Go Out they are declaring themselves to the world with the perfect anthem for the pent-up frustration that so many are feeling after being in pandemic lockdown for more than a year.  Life is short – so Wavy Trees wants to have a good time while they are here, and they hope you come along for the ride.

In talking about the catchy-as-hell I Wanna Go Out, Wavy Trees' Zack Smith explains: "Originally, the song was titled Don't Wanna Go Out – but it made no sense after the pandemic hit so we changed the chorus lyric & then it made perfect sense. We are basically just talking about the frustration of being stuck inside our own cages… And stuck in our heads – the thoughts that hold us back from our full potential as humans. Sometimes the only thing holding us back are on own selves, and we need to shake that loose and just go for it. The song also alludes to the first time of getting high & just the chaotic things that we all go through when we're young".

The band recorded with legendary producer Jay Baumgardner (Seether, Bush, Papa Roach, Lacuna Coil, Otherwise), who is also the owner of NRG Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

The band is recording new material now with Baumgardner, with more singles and an EP to be released later this year.

Meanwhile, stream/download I Wanna Go Out and watch the official video clicking on the image.