Primal Static

Primal Static, from Austin, TX, are two talented, lifelong musicians, G.T., singer/guitarist and HouFei, keyboardist/bassist.

Born and raised in China, HouFei was pursuing a doctoral degree in piano at the world-renowned Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore when she met self-taught musician and wild child, G.T. HouFei recalls that G.T. was a furious wild fire that sparked life and music for her. When she called his voicemail for the first time, she was met with a heart-wrenching guitar solo and time stood still. The pair has worked together since to create the honest and organic sound that is Primal Static.

Primal Static's latest project is titled Panstylistic and was released last Friday, January 27. Produced by G.T. at the Cat House in Austin and mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys), it's a captivating EP that captures all of the components heard in alternative rock, yet is mixed with an eclectic and hypnotic rock sound and the soul found in blues.

Panstylistic is available on iTunesSpotify or SoundCloud, so go check it now.

A number 1 for LIO NICOL mercoledì, 1 febbraio 2017 22:08 by madseason
Lio Nicol - 1

Some weeks ago I introduced to my reader Lio Nicol, an awesome indie-pop songwriter and performer from Missoula, Montana, inspired by the legendary Diane Warren.

At that time, Lio had just released her first single Blame, a moving pop anthem, deep and catchy at the same time. Blame is the first single off Lio's debut EP 1, independently released last Friday, January 27.

1 was produced by Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios and features 4 tracks: all of them are really worth your attention. The album opener They Sent You Back Down is an upbeat, captivating anthem; the second track, Day Job, is a soulful indie-pop number; after Blame, the mini-album closes with Take Me Away, a special track for the talented pianist and songwriter, as it was the first song she wrote on piano entirely alone.

Stream 1 on Spotify or on SoundCloud and keep on supporting great independent artists.

From My Darkest Days to NEVER SAY DIE lunedì, 30 gennaio 2017 21:39 by madseason
Never Say Die

Never Say Die is a Canadian alternative hard-rock band from Toronto, Ontario, featuring Reid Henry and Brendan McMillan of My Darkest Days.

"Never Say Die started in the front passenger seat of the My Darkest Days BandWagon... we had a relentless tour schedule," recalls Reid. "During over night drives I'd squeeze through a small window to the front of the bus and stay up writing, singing, and occasionally wedging my laptop on the dashboard to record."

Over the next year, Never Say Die remained a studio project of Reid (on lead vocals/guitar) and Brendan (on bass). In early 2016, Reid's demos caught the interest of producer/engineer (Evans Blue, Parabelle, Scarlet White) and drummer (Age Of Days), Mike Langford. The band began recording an EP that evolved into an album. With the addition of Mike's long time tour mate, Dane Hartsell (guitar/vocals), what started as a dream has quickly become a reality.

Never Say Die's debut album is titled Destroy + Rebuild and was independently released last January 20; if you like My Darkest Days and the artists that influenced this band (Deftones, Filter, Stabbing Westward), you will much likely love this record. Stream Destroy + Rebuild on Spotify and let me know.

The Digital Age according to LANG FREEMAN sabato, 28 gennaio 2017 15:30 by madseason
Lang Freeman - In This The Digital Age Vol.01

Lang Freeman was the frontman and principle songwriter of Austin, TX, based alternative rock band Sounds Under Radio. As a guitar player he has played on many records and has toured with Ed Kowalczyk (frontman of LIVE) and Dustin Kensrue (frontman of THRICE), and now splits time between composing music for film, producing/recording bands and artists at his FOLSUR Recording Studio in Austin TX, touring/writing/creating with the band The Rocketboys (Black Magnetic Records), and working as a solo artist.

His debut solo EP was released last January 20; it's titled In This The Digital Age Vol.01 and features 5 brilliant electro/noisy/alternative rock tracks, including a dark/industrial cover of The Cars' super-hit Drive.

Stream In This The Digital Age Vol.01 on Spotify clicking on the cover image and expect Vol.02 to be released next Spring.

Foreign Bodies with THE IRON EYE mercoledì, 25 gennaio 2017 23:16 by madseason
The Iron Eye - Just Started

The Iron Eye is an Australian alternative hard rock trio from Brisbane. They released their second independent EP last November 18. Titled Foreign Bodies, it was produced by Shihad's member, manager and producer Tom Larkin (Calling All Cars, The Getaway Plan, Villainy), with Samuel K handling the mixing job.

"We were so extremely fortunate to be able to work with such respected industry folk with brilliant creative minds in Tom Larkin, Samuel K Sproull and Jon Grace at The Studios In The City who fought to bring the best out in us and squeeze it into 5 songs" said the band about the "names" they collaborated with.

Foreign Bodies is a feast for fans of The Black Keys, Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood (and Black Sabbath, why not?), with its groovy rhythmics, sharp and heavy riffs and huge hooks.

Stream the whole EP on BandCamp and watch the video of the first single Just Started clicking on the image.

STARSET deliver a Monster of a new album lunedì, 23 gennaio 2017 17:04 by madseason
Starset - Monster

Cinematic rock band Starset released their sophomore album Vessels last Friday, January 20, via Razor & Tie.

Vessels is a data-stream rendered in sound where vocalist Dustin Bates becomes the deus-ex-machina in an age of information overload that is increasingly complex yet ultimately human. From the atmospheric opener Back To The Earth, to the driving hooks of the album's first single Monster (watch the official video clicking on the image), to the catchy, nearly progressive moments of Frequency, Bates has succeeded in escaping the gravity of formula radio rock. Instead, he has re-imagined his genre-defying vision as an arena where Hans Zimmer interfaces with Radiohead and Trent Reznor.

Vessels was produced by Rob Graves (Halestorm, Red, Pillar) and mixed by Ben Grosse (Breaking Benjamin, Filter, Alter Bridge), who also helmed their 2014 Razor & Tie debut, Transmissions, a landmark album selling in excess of a quarter million combined albums, streams and downloads, and propelled by singles including the unforgettable My Demons (which spent an unprecedented 43 weeks scaling rock charts).

Also collaborating on Vessels is musician, songwriter and producer Sahaj Ticotin, who worked on the songs Die For You, Starlight, Last To Fall and Telepathic (and you can hear the Ra frontman's touch if you listen carefully).

Stream Vessels on Spotify and watch the brand new video for the new single Back To The Earth following this link.

New Year, New Music from WILD DOMESTIC venerdì, 20 gennaio 2017 15:48 by madseason
Wild Domestic

Do you remember indie/alternative rock band Wild Domestic, the brainchild of Matt Carlson? I wrote about them a couple of months ago, when they released Author, the first single off their new EP Singular.

Well, Singular is released today, January 20, and I'm happy to report that we already have a strong contender for the best EP of the year! All of the 8 tracks included in the mini-album are really worth your attention, as from the start to the end there is not a single bad song to be found.

Matt Carlson explains the inspiration for the EP: "Singular is an initial foray into a concept album. It is based on my conception of an emotional/literal car ride where the driver ends up picking belongings from an ex lover."

My favourite tracks on the EP are New Year, New Me, that reminds me of the rawer songs of Feeder; Overjoyed, an awesome  Jimmy Eat World-influenced number; the dreamy, intense Firewall; the aforementioned Author, a track that I previously described as reminiscent to Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and a punk version of Counting Crows.

So, what are you waiting for? Stream the whole Singular EP on Spotify and buy it on iTunes.right now.

The new renegades of rock: SHALLOW SIDE mercoledì, 18 gennaio 2017 16:47 by madseason
Shallow Side - Rebel

Shallow Side is an alternative rock band from Alabama; the southern influences of their sound may recall the works of bands like Shinedown, Buckcherry, Breaking Benjamin and Black Stone Cherry.

Shallow Side have just released their third EP named One. It dropped last Friday, January 13, via Thermal Entertainment and features the previously released singles Rebel (click on the image to watch the official video) and Renegade plus 4 brand new songs.

Renegade is a cover of the classic hit of the legendary band Styx; singer Eric Boatright said about it: "The song for me has it all. I've always been a fan of what I would consider one of America's greatest rock bands and it became a no brainer when we mentioned Renegade. Love Styx, love the song and we wanted to take that same world and bring it to where we are today."

Shallow Side have all that it takes to become a huge modern rock band: energetic songs with strong melodies, emotional and powerful vocals, aggressive guitar work, driving rhythms. Stream One on Spotify and buy the EP on iTunes.